New Directions


I've been toying with the idea of changing the direction of my blog for quite some time. Since the summer actually. I began blogging as a way to express my creative side. But as the blogging world continues to change I found myself feeling less and less inspired.

I found myself obsessing over instagram likes, SEOs, clicks per post, affiliate links and so forth. Sure making that money is freaking fantastic but it's exhausting. And quite honestly, not what I love. And it's definitely not why I chose to create and write a blog. So with that said, I'm taking on a new mission. A mission where I only blog and write about what I'm passionate about and what inspires me. 

Will I still blog about cute outfits? Of course, ya girl loves clothes and shoes. And what about my ode to DC? Hell yeah! I'm in love with as ever with my home. But I'm also going to introduce more posts about science, culture, politics and, life. I'm going to add some depth in the fluff. I want to write about what gets my heart pumping what gets me excited and what makes me what to wake up in the morning. And I want to introduce all of you to that world!

What about the money? Yeah I'll still link things back with affiliate links but, that's not a high priority of mine. I withdrew from three blogging communities in December and joined one that is the polar opposite. Not that anyone was better or worse than the other but, our missions were too different. And that is ok. I can't tell you how much better I feel not having to worry about my insta theme or designing the perfect media kit. If brands want to collaborate, I want them to do it because they read my blog and believe in what I'm saying. Not because they think they can lure me in with a free product. 

So here's to a new year with a new direction for my little corner of the internet. I hope you continue growing, changing and, evolving with me and enjoy this change.