Podcasts I'm Listening to

Anyone else really into podcasts lately? I feel like they've taken the place of music for me as of late. I'm always listening to one no matter what. I listen to a really wide range of podcasts on a daily basis so I thought it would be fun to share my favorites! 


Pod Save America

First I must preface that I'm a DC kid, I was born and raised in the world of politics. I grew up with both my parents working in the political world and so most of my upbringing made me weirdly into politics. This podcast is AMAZING! It's honest, blunt and, very liberal. The three guys who run it were part of President Obama's team and they're biweekly pods are keeping that hope alive in me. Seriously, in the world of fake news and incompetent governments it's really a breath of fresh air to listen to people who willingly admit they aren't the smartest but, are willing to learn and work hard to become better for others. They're hilarious, blunt, and keep ya informed. 

The Daily

This pod is by The New York Times, every morning they release a 20min episode highlighting a story relevant to the current events of the day. It ranges from politics to tragedies both domestic and international. It's pretty non biased and so I think anyone of any political preference can listen to and get informed. The pod is up and running when I roll out of bed at 430 and what I usually listen to when either getting dressed for the day or driving into work. 

Skimmd From The Couch 

Ok I've been wanting this pod to come out for YEARS! So excited it's finally here. The founders of the Skimm, Carly and Danielle are freaking amazing. They're two women I really look up to regardless of the fact they're in an industry I have zero interest in cracking into currently. This pod is the two founders sitting down with other women in who have made strides for other women, creating cracks in the glass ceiling for the rest of us. I love how honest their interviews are they don't have the "I worked hard so here I am" BS. And I love that! Seriously inspiring when you're having an off day! 

Ted Talks Daily 

Anyone else get super inspired by Ted Talks? I try to attend a Tedx event in DC each year, I love hearing other peoples stories and learning about their perspective on life. I love listening to this podcast because it's simply a daily 15min pod of a really awesome talk which occurred anywhere in the world. You hear from women in China, Kids from Kenya and, even your neighbors in the states. I like to listen to this usually in the morning when I'm getting ready for the day. It deff helps with my productivity! 

2 Dope Queens 

This pod is hilarious! If I had to pick a live pod taping to attend theirs would be the one. I swear people give me weird looks whenever I'm listening to this pod because of my facial expressions. Phoebe and Jessica are blunt, honest, and relevant. They cover a wide range of topics from cultural to political. They also have guests on which can range from being amazing to so so but you're almost always in for a great show!

Men in Blazers 

Come on I couldn't have a post about my favorite podcasts without this one! Men in Blazer fills my heart full of happy. It's two soccer loving British guys residing in the US who love the beautiful game as much as I do. They discuss past and upcoming games analyzing the players, coaches and overall teams and atmospheres. The pod often has guests such as coaches, players both current and former and, cultural icons. They're a self deprecating kind of funny and always make be feel a little better when my team throws away an easy win. 

Any pods you're listening to? Comment and Share!