Climate Change, Snow in March


I woke up this morning to a view of a white backyard. Our patio covered with a soft white blanket, quite pretty if it were January but, we’re in March so a little disappointing. What’s sadder is where I live, DC! Not the place where snow this late in the year is prevalent. So why is this happening?

Climate change! Climate change is happening all around us. Global warming is real. The Earth is hurting and it’s our fault. I believe in science, like I believe I need oxygen to survive. Science doesn’t lie, it doesn’t sugarcoat. It’s blunt and full of facts. So here’s the science behind our pretty spring snow storm.

Let’s take a step back shall we? The Earth, the third planet from our sun is protected by an atmosphere. The atmosphere is made up a specific concentration different gases such as water, carbon dioxide, methane and, nitrous oxide. The atmosphere’s main job is to absorb the sun’s radiation and reflect heat back to us. By doing this, we don’t feel the full effect of the sun’s rays. However, human actions are causing that very specific concentration of gases in our atmosphere to change, causing more heat to be absorbed and reflected to us. This causes global warming.

But it’s snowing? That can’t be global warming! Sure, if you take words literally. Overall, the entire Earth is much warmer than it should be. But here’s why it’s snowing in the Northeast. The increase of heat from the atmosphere is hitting our north pole directly. Melting our ice caps and glaciers. Currently the North Pole is 60 degrees warmer than it’s ever been this time of year. Imagine if our summers were 60 degrees warmer than normal! All this heart is causing the polar vortex which protects the north pole and keeps it ice cold to expand. As it expands the land it touches experience its fury causing a snow storm. A la spring snow storm!

This change in climate is effecting the plants and animals of the arctic. They are dying of starvation and lack of natural resources. And it is predicted that their suffering will spread all over the planet. But it’s preventable. We can change that.

How do we change this? First, by educating ourselves and our peers about the planet, about climate change and, understanding it is a very real thing. Second by getting involved and changing our habits and patterns to positively impact our planet. I’ve listed some AMAZING organizations which are working towards rectifying our environmental mistakes.

National Parks Service

The Nature Conservatory

More Than Just Scientists

Climate Reality Project

Defend Our Future

What makes me qualified to talk about this topic? Why do I care so much? Am I even giving you correct information? While I'm not an environmental scientist, I am a scientist. I work in medical research at the moment. However, during undergrad I took various courses in environmental science and interned with environmental scientists. So I kinda know what I'm talking about, plus I listed my sources above for ya. And why do I care? Because I live here. You live here. And our future will also live here. I'm a person who likes to make the path for those who come after me easier not more difficult. So I believe in doing everything I can to make the future better for the ones who come after us.

Anyone else with me? Was this a post you enjoyed reading? What are your thoughts about this? Do you think I'm full of BS? Comment and let me know!