2018 Goals

I recapped 2017 with you guys and with a yearly recap always comes a new year resolution! I'm going to be honest, I forgot what mine were last year. So needless to say without looking back I might have attempted some of them but definitely not as consistently as I should have. But alas if at first you don't succeed try try again! So here goes my list for the new year. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.04.10 AM.png

Get organized.

I am a mess. A huge slob. Very very messy. Cristina Yang's apartment level messy. I know where everything so I think it's ok. But I'm a 24 year old woman, and the least I could do is clear my desk so I can see it. I'm going to try to be more organized. No promises. 

Maintain My Health 

This means eating three healthy meals a day, working out consistently, taking my medications on time and, drinking enough water. I live on a diet of caffeine and air. I need to do better. Because if I'm not going to take care of myself no one is. I don't need anymore health scares this year. So I'm going to see my doctors regularly and listen to them. Promise on this one. 

Stop Eating Out

Oy! I eat out at least three times a week. While I can technically afford it, I should be saving that money. If I saved the $15-20 I spend each day on lunch imagine how much I could be saving! Ridiculous. I'm going to try better to make my lunches and eat from home. 

Spending Freeze 

I also buy a ton of clothes. I spend more money than I should on clothes. I don't need a million pairs of jeans and every striped sweater known to man. I know as a blogger I can justify it but, I'm going to make a rule to not buy more than two clothing items per month. This way I can still indulge and truly buy what I love and need. 

Read More!

2017 was a sucky year when it came to books. As in I did not read enough, I'm going to try to rectify that for 2018. Please send all your recommendations! 

What are your 2018 goals? Do you think you're going to keep them? Comment and share!