2017 Recap

Happy New Year! I didn't get a chance to recap 2017 before it wrapped up but better late than never right? 

 I'm going to be blunt, 2017 a rough one. When it was high it was really high and when it was low it was really low. But, I believe it's important to share the bad with the good. Highlight reels are great and all but, how are we supposed to help others if we only show the good? So in the spirit of truthfulness. Here are my BIG moments of 2017. 


Trump became president.

This might not be a big thing for some but as a first generation American who has family who believes in the Muslim faith. It was scary and I truly fear for my family and Muslim community as his policies fueling hate continue. 

The Womens March.

Easily the most inspiring moment of my life. I spent an entire day with almost 500,000 likeminded people who shared the same goals as me. Everyone was full of love and desire to do good. It was one of the few moments in my life where I felt like we were going to leave the world better than we found it. 

Graduate School 

I officially began grad school this year! I took some graduate classes my last semester in undergrad but I wasn't certain to get into the program but come January, I was admitted and a full fledge graduate student. Your girl is gonna be a doctor. I'm in a graduate Neuroscience program currently if anyone is curious. 


I got a new job! Woohoo! I really enjoy what I do. I work with an incredible team and feel valued. I'm learning tons from mentors, I never knew existed. I feel incredibly lucky to learn and work at my current place of employment. 

Sponsored Posts

I began blogging to have a creative outlet. Science doesn't really give you the freedom to express yourself too much. But this little rant bubble of mine began picking up speed and I got my first sponsored post and then a handful more of them! A huge accomplishment for myself especially when I never thought anyone read my blog or cared about it! 


I've always been small for my age. My weight was always at an unhealthy level and, while I was physically very active I just could not put on the weight. I know such a horrible problem to have. But it really is, I've had several health problems due to it. But in 2017 I was finally able to find a diet and exercise routine that worked for my body type and I gained 15lbs which brought me to a normal weight. I cannot tell you how much better I feel these days. 


And with fitness comes the health. So I got my act together, and feel much better. But that didn't come on it's own. I first had a HUGE health scare. Without going into too much detail, it had me passed out in my shower and admitted into the hospital for a few days. My incredible doctors got to the bottom of everyone and helped me get better. And I've learned to never put myself in a position like that again. 

Falling in Love

Another first for your girl. In the past I was very cautious when it came to dating and didn't really commit to anyone, not seriously at least. But somehow I found myself with a boyfriend for the first time since high school and in love with the kid. I found myself missing him when we weren't together and loving every second I spent with him regardless of activity. I was easily the happiest I had ever been. But with the good comes the bad. And for better or worse the relationship ended. I'd be lying if I said I'm over it, but each day is getting a little better. 


Growing up, I didn't really get my parents. I know no one does but as a first generation American I really didn't get my parents. I always felt like they had one foot in their home country and another in the US. But I felt like this was the year I finally started understanding them more and more and appreciating everything they did for me and my siblings. 


2017 was a tough one on the friendship front. Graduating is tough because all your closest friends move near and far and start these new lives. I definitely felt my friend group shrink. At first I was distraught over it, but I started networking more, going out with coworkers and meeting other bloggers. And before I knew it my friend circle expanded tenfold. I learned how to nurture friendships, that are far in distance. How to cultivate new friendships. And how to just be a good friend to everyone.