Hurricane Harvey Relief

I've been left speechless these past few days seeing all the footage from Hurricane Harvey. I can't even wrap my head around how many people have been left homeless and without all their possessions. If you guys are anything like me, you want to help in any way you can. So I've rounded up some great links where you can donate whether it be monetary, clothing or food. 


JJ Watt's Relief Fund

Already raised millions of dollars NFL player JJ Watt is crowdfunding and raising money for Harvey relief. If you've seen his twitter and/or facebook pages you know that every single cent is going directly to the victims of Harvey. Which is why I personally chose to support this crowd funding over say the red cross where a lot of your donations will be cut to pay salaries and bonuses for their employees. 

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center

Working in a Trauma level 1 ER tells me one thing, when shit hits the fan, the hospital is where all shit comes. Seriously. I can't imagine what the hospitals and emergency service persons in Houston are going through. And something hospitals are always in need of is blood. So if you're healthy and able to donate some, you'll get a cookie in exchange if you're lucky! 

Amazon Hurricane Relief Wishlist

Amazon has created a wishlist for Hurricane victims. These are all times people affected have requested and are in need of at this current moment. The goal is to check off everything on their lists. So if you're a tad addicted to buying things on Amazon, add a few things from this list to your cart.

Houston Food Bank

Grocery stores in Houston are not restocking. Most people have had their pantries dissolved via flood waters and food is very limited. The Houston Food Bank will take your donations and help feed all of the citizens displaced due to the hurricane. 

Texas Diaper Bank

In addition to all the adults being displaced, there are thousands of children being displaced. They are cold, scared and, living in an unfamiliar place. Houston in huge need of diapers for all those babies. You can also donate blankets, toys and, other items. 

Simply the Basics

Menstruating women are in need of tampons, pads and, other sanitary products. And their cycle doesn't care if there was a hurricane and that the nearest CVS is flooded and isn't getting shipments of tampons. This kind of need is often forgotten during tragedies like Houston. So if you'd like to help your sister out, consider donating to these guys. 

San Antonio Humane Society

Because we can't forget about man's best friend. Along with people thousands of pets are also displaced. They need food, shelter and, medical aid too. The Humane Society is working with all those pets and their owners to give them all the help they need. 

All my thoughts and prayers are going out to Houston