My Favorite Store Bought Coffee

My daily routine starts with 8oz of black coffee before my morning workout followed by another cup usually a latte with my breakfast and then a travel mug full of some more on my way to either class or work. When lunchtime rolls around I make a quick put stop to the nearest coffee shop I don't care which one and get myself another. And again when I'm getting the three pm blues and again when I'm burning the midnight oil working on my graduate thesis. I have a problem. I understand this. One day I'll work on it, that day is not today. Until then I thought I'd share some of my favorite coffee brands and products with you all. Much cheaper than those $5 lattes and just as yummy. 

First thing is first. I'm not a K cup girl. I know they're east and convenient but, the ratio is off and I don't like them. I like a 1:1 ratio. 1 teaspoon of ground coffee per cup of water. The coffee must be freshly grounded and the water needs to be filtered. If I'm having a latte or adding any sort of milk. Whole milk or bust. I can't with the nut milk or coconut milks even 2%. You just don't get the creamy consistency and cream leaves a weird aftertaste in my mouth. As for sugar it needs to be the real deal. I don't care what anyone says splenda is gross. Ok on to the coffee


La Colombe Monaco Blend // Peet's Coffee // La Colombe Bleu Blend // Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Blend

Compass Coffee 7th Street Blend // Peet's Coffee Cold Brew // Compass Coffee Cardinal Coffee

Starbucks Instant Caramel Latte // La Colombe Draft Latte // Starbucks Instant Pumpkin Spice Latte

La Colombe 

My favorite coffee shop also sells all their beans and draft lattes online and at Whole Foods and now Amazon. #blessed. Draft Lattes on hot days, perfect brewed cups of pipping hot coffee when it's cold. Oh and they're grown, picked and, roasted ethically. 

Compass Coffee 

Made in DC. First of many perks of Compass Coffee cause ya girl likes helping her own people. Compass Coffee is deliciously luxurious. Seriously one of my favorite things is brewing a perfect cup on Saturday mornings when I'm watching soccer. 

Peet's Coffee 

When I found out all the campus Peet's were switched to Starbucks' I was pretty bummed out. Peet's is amazingly rich and bold. And luckily every grocery store carried their beans. They also have cold brew perfect for hot summers. PS. their Mocha Pumpkin Spice Lattes are amazing 

Dunkin Donuts 

My go to place for a no frills cup of coffee. Give me a medium coffee from Dunkin with cream and sugar and I'm a happy girl. Seriously. Also anyone else think their flavored coffees are better than anyone elses? Yea me too. 


And finally because I'm as basic as they come Starbucks has a special Cinnamon Dolce spot in my heart. I stock their Christmas blend and everyone knows it's their gift card I look forward to most on my birthday. And their instant coffees and lattes actually taste really good! Seriously. 

Any coffee shops/ blends I should try?