I felt like it was high time I wrote up another Spotlight post for you all. If you're new here or spotlight is where I do a quick weekly rundown of what's going on in the world and with me! Think of it as a newsletter that finds it's way to the blog. 


Life Update? 


It's fall and I'm feeling all the fall things. I went nuts at the grocery store and bought all the pumpkin flavored things. My favorites? Pumpkin spice waffle mix, pumpkin flavored Noosa yogurt and, pumpkin spiced flavored Milano cookies. Yumm! 


Current Events


Remember Russia? The investigation is still going strong.

If you feel like you can't keep up theSkimm has oh so kindly created a guide for us. Russia interfering with our elections is a huge threat to not only national security but the American voice.  

Trump meets with Democratic Leaders and sides with them on immigration reform. 

DACA the small lifeline President Obama gave to children who were brought into the United States illegally is coming to an end. DACA recipients are fondly known as Dreamers after the Dream Act which was a bill that was introduced and ultimately failed early during President Bush's presidency.  During a meeting with leaders from both parties President Trump came out and said a bill must be passed. Crossing my fingers. 

Medicare for ALL a la Bernie Sanders

You know I was feeling the Bern during the primaries. And he's back with a bill offering health insurance to everyone. It's a single payer healthcare plan which is backed by 15 Democrats in the senate. The GOP tried and failed over 50 TIMES to repeal The Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare and everyone HATED The American Healthcare Act ie Trumpcare and HillaryCare failed back in the 90s. So maybe this one will pass and stick. 

LA 2028

The Olympic games are coming back to the states!!! Even though it's 10 years (ohmygod!) away I cannot wait! A decade feels like the longest time but, seeing how fast life's been moving as of late. I'm sure we'll be there in no time. 

Hurricanes and Climate Change

Hurricanes as strong as Harvey and Irma are a direct result of humans not taking care of the planet and climate changes. Senators and representatives after suffering this natural disasters are changing their tunes about Climate Change and urging Trump to do the same. 


On The Blog?


DC Living

One of the biggest perks of living in the DC Metro region or any city is there always being something to do. Seriously! I'm never bored. Here are some great events coming up which are catching my eye

9/16 District Oktoberfest

9/16 H Street Festival

9/19 Ed Sheeran Concert (!!!) 

9/21 DC Coffee Fest

9/23 Free Admission to the Newseum (usual fee is ~ $25) 

9/24 Taste of Georgetown

9/26 A Conversation with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


DC Sports


DC Foodie

My favorite favorite favorite doughnut place District Doughnut is out with their fall menu! They take online orders so get your little booty over there now!!! Seriously. The pumpkin creme brulee doughnut is what I dream about. 


New York Fashion Week was this week and since I didn't attend I had some major FOMO. But thankfully technology exists and I could watch some of my favorite shows online. Pictured Kate Spade, Shopbop, Ralph Lauren, Bagdley Michaka, Lela Rose, Milly. 

Madeeha Syed