My Academic Planner Picks

Is it just my type A brain or the school year doesn't officially start until you start marking up your planner? Last week I got my new academic planner in the mail and, I'm so excited to use it. But, let me tell you about the struggle it was picking one out. Oy let me tell ya. Over the years I've tried them all. Name a brand and I have experience with it. So needless to say I knew what I wanted this time around. And after weighing pros and cons with my day to day lifestyle I narrowed it down and dropped a pretty penny for a day designer planner! It is STUNNING! I've listed my current planner and a handful of other picks I've either shopped or previously owned. 

Rifle Paper and Co. // Kate Spade, how cute is the Paris print? //  Day Designer Weekly Edition

Fringe Studio, the leather covers and gold foils are gorgg // Day Designer Daily Edition (mine!)

Kate Spade, floral print // 365, minimalistic and chic // Lilly Pulitzer //  Erin Condren, custom made!

If you want something pretty and functional, I'd go with either a Lilly Pulitzer, Rifle Paper and Co. or Kate Spade planner. They're 17 month with a monthly and weekly set up. It's great to write down all your homework. They also come with some really cute stickers. 

If you want something tailored to your life to keep you mega organized I'd buy an Erin Condren or Day Designer. These are pricer than the others but, they can be customized to your liking. Perfect for the busiest of bees. 

If you want something functional but still show personality I'd get either the Fringe Studio planner or 365 planner. Both get the job done and don't break any bank accounts. 

Any planners you all recommend? Comment below!