My Favorite Denim

I've always been a fairly small person, so shopping for new clothes has always been a struggle. 85% of the items in my closet are tailored. So when I find things that fit and fit well I'm over the moon excited. I remember in middle school I'd feel so left out because I couldn't fit into jeans from Hollister and Abercrombie like all the other girls. But fast forward a decade later, I've thrown on a couple pounds and I think I've found the best of the best denim wise. 


I love wearing jeans. I can wear them anywhere with anything. No matter where I'm going I always make sure to throw in a pair or two for good measure. They're the most versatile items in my closet meaning and basically live in them. Seriously. Since back to school has always been the time to buy all the denim I ever needed for the year, I thought I'd share some of my favorite pairs with you all. 

Frayed Hemm // White Denim // Blue Skinnys // Black Denim 

Olive Denim // True Blue Denim // Cropped Denim // Boyfriend Denim

Levis Jeans // Levis is synonymous with denim. And for damn good reason. They literally make the best longest lasting pairs of jeans ever. I currently own three pairs of Levis one pair I've had since I was a freshman in college. It's still going strong, no bunching at the knees ever and they hug my lack of a ass so it looks like I've got a booty. #winner 

Madewell Jeans // I was a bit iffy about Madewell's denim but everyone raved about it so much I decided to give them a try. And I'm so glad that I did. The $148 price tag is a little steep for most. But the denim is lasting so I think it's worth the investment. I love the thickness of their jeans and how well structured they are. The brand itself is geared towards a younger group so all the denim is super on trend and I love how much they embrace it. 

J. Crew Jeans // See all the raving done about Madewell above? Well since J. Crew and Madewell are sisters the same can be said about them. But think J.Crew denim as the older wiser more mature denim to Madewell's fun loving quirky denim. Ie. J.Crew makes the BEST denim to wear to work on a casual Friday. 

Topshop Jeans // Stretchy high waisted denim that you can eat your heart out in and still look hot in. Yesss. Topshop denim was literally made for my fatass. It's stretchy but body hugging and NO SAGGING! Also because I'm lame I never know what to wear when going out and over the years I've just made my going out uniform these jeans and a plain t with a jacket. Literally every single time. 

Honorable mentions // Old Navy (did you see Blake Lively in them?), Hollister ( they introduced size 23 #blessed), Rag & Bone (Look amazing on but horrible for my wallet), 

Where do you shop for denim?