My Favorite School Supplies

It's no secret school is just around the corner. And with that, comes all the back to school supply shopping. I remember school supply shopping with my family was always a huge ordeal. My mom would responsibly check off all the items our teachers required with us kids trying to find the cutest and most colorful supplies and my dad regretting everything. Haha, there's four of us so you can imagine the chaos. 

Over the years, I've become a professional student and as I enter my second year of grad school I know exactly what I need. I've become loyal to my favorite brands. And developed a system on how I study and take notes. Meaning I never buy things I don't need. Since there is no official supply list for college students, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite supples and why! 


Northface Backpack // MacBook Pro // MacBook Case // Moleskine Notebooks // Binders // Dividers

Graphing Calculator // Black Ink Pens // Colored Ink Pens // Scissors // Highlighters // Sticky Notes

Most of these items are pretty self explanatory so going into detail isn't all that necessary but, I will put my two cents on a few of them. 

1. Get yourself a well made large sized backpack. I'm partial to Northface backpacks. If you're only going to be carrying around your laptop light a large longchamp or a transport tote will do. Those are usually my go tos when I only have one class that day. 

2. Binders because folders rip, and you can't lose that handout because when you're cramming for that final you'll need it. I personally only use one binder per semester and use dividers to differentiate between classes. This lets me have everything I need in one spot and keeps the weight of my backpack down. Once the semester is done I move the papers and note to specific binders at home dedicated for the subjects ie. Biology, Neuroscience, Psychology, etc. 

3. Laptop because duh! But actually you can get away with an iPad or tablet too. Unless you're an engineering major. Just make sure the internet works and you have Microsoft office. Most schools provide it to all students and faculty for free so DO NOT BUY MICROSOFT OFFICE! It's a waste of your money. And even if your school doesn't provide it, we have google docs. 

4. I'm a loyal Moleskine notebook user. I can't learn unless I'm physically writing my notes down by hand. And I'm a type A freak so I've been using these black softcover notebooks since I was freshman for every single class. They have ruled, plain and, gridded notebooks perfect for any class.

5. I like using extra large sticky notes with the tabs because I annotate my textbooks like hell. And it's easy to go back and read when I'm making my study guides for the semester and upcoming exams. 

6. Pilot G2 pens. I've been using these pens since high school. They're the best I've ever used and are the most long lasting ever. The ink is nice and smooth and make a world of a difference when writing notes. I always buy a set of black ink pens and a set of assorted colors

Any items you can't live without?