Winter Is Coming...

Anyone else a huge Game of Thrones fan?! I started reading the series in high school and eventually started watching the show my freshman year of college. I'm still not over 'The Red Wedding' to be honest.

One of my favorite things about DC is the super fun pop up bars that come around in Shaw. This summer Mockingbird Hill transformed itself to a GoT themed bar, just in time for the start of the season. The line is the longest ever, I literally stepped off the metro and the line smacked in my face. But I'm telling ya it did not disappoint, line was worth it. 

They did SUCH a good job decorating the place. I visited the place during Cherry Blossom season when they decorated it for that and their annual Miracle on 7th St event during the holidays and once again I was floored by how good it turned out. 

And the drinks are really good too! I was a tad worried about how they'd turn out especially looking at the names. We tried a little more than half of the drinks and were pleased with them all! My favorite was Shame! I loved how the entire bar chanted Shame whenever it was served. 

I loved the atmosphere of the bar too! Everyone was super excited to be there and made the whole evening more enjoyable!