Healthy Snacks

The new academic semester is fast approaching and, my 4-5 fairly healthy meals a day lifestyle is about to end. During the academic year my life is full, I go from the gym early in the mornings then to class followed by work and finally to the library and hopefully to bed before 1am. With all the running around I'm doing, I don't necessarily have time to actually eat. Sorry mom but I won't be whipping up any biryani anytime soon. But, I've learned what snacks to eat that are healthy and yummy and will give me the calories I need to stay energized while I take notes, see patients or, study throughout the night. These are perfect to keep in your dorm, apartment or backpack when you're on the go. 

Granola Bars

Obviously this one is a no brainer. You can store granola bars anywhere and eat them on the go. Depending on the brand, you get various flavors and healthiness. My three favorite brands are KIND, Clif and, Nature Valley. Both KIND and Clif are full of protein and taste AMAZING! KIND bars are more fruity than Cliff bars which are soft. Nature Valley bars come in many different flavors and types you can get a high protein or high fiber or any other type! 

Hummus and Veggies

I gotta get all my daily servings of veggies in! Honestly it's a tad difficult but I'm getting better! I like to have a set of chopped veggies ready to eat whenever. And because I'm on a high protein diet a hummus dip is perfect! I love making fresh hummus every week for my veggies and sandwiches. If you aren't too keen on making your own hummus, there are great store bought options too! I like Cava's hummus dip sold exclusively at Whole Foods. It's filling and honestly the best snack, just don't munch on those carrots in the middle of lecture. 


I love eating nuts. They're bite sized snacks which are powerful in nutrients! They have a ton of protein and good fats. With so many different options for flavor, you're bound to find something you love. My favorites are honey roasted and spicy sirracha, I almost always have a some almonds in my bag. 

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is fast becoming my favorite snack to have. It's perfect anytime of the day and goes well with everything! I usually have some for breakfast when I'm running late or as a post workout snack. I'm not a huge dairy person so, it's an instrumental part of my daily diet. My favorite brand is Chobani. I always have a handful in my fridge ready for the day. 

Here's to eating healthy and not munching on too many potato chips this semester!