I've never been one to keep my opinions to myself. It's not my style. It's why I created a blog. And growing up in the family that I did and in the environment I did I learned from a young age to never stay quiet when someone's rights are at risk. Which is why I was so disgusted and horrified by this past weekend's events. To wake up Saturday and see a white supremacist KKK Nazi rally taking place in a city regarded as a hub for education was the saddest thing. 

I do not believe this was a rally about preserving southern heritage. Slavery is not something anyone should ever be proud of. The confederacy is a dark and disgraceful time in US history. It's when the country was divided, where we killed our own people and, it was because half the country believed themselves to be better because of the color of their skin. I'm sorry but, no. You don't try to preserve that. I hope by the time I have kids every single confederate statue, flag and, symbol is gone from our country. Because we don't need that kind of hate.

I'm horrified that there are still people living in this country who have that form of hate in their hearts. That there are people who think their lives are worth more than someone else's because of a difference in skin color or faith. I cannot fathom how someone can grow up believing in an ideology like that. 

Literally millions of people died all over the world trying to get equality. To not face prejudice due to their nationality, to their skin color or, to their faith. And for a literal hate rally to occur in our country a so called leader of the free world, it's disgusting. I have no other feelings or words beyond disgust. 

And no you don't have the freedom of speech to spew hatred. You don't have the freedom of speech to stand loud and proud with a tiki torch because you believe your skin color makes you better than someone else. Your freedom of speech does not grant you the pass to not experience the consequences of your actions. I hope every single one of those KKK white supremacist Nazis woke up the following day having lost their jobs and families because that's what they deserve. 

What upsets me the most is the leader of our country did not immediately denounce this hate rally. "Many sides" that is complete and utter BS. Three people lost their lives Saturday. They lost their lives fighting against hate. They in my eyes are heroes and true patriots. Our president not so much. Denouncing a hate group should be automatic. You don't need to spend 48hrs deliberating it. You aren't dropping a bomb over a city. You're telling the world that hatred of that sort is not welcomed. A four year old has enough sense to say that. Like I can't even, I'm so upset by this. Not like I had high hopes for him anyways but, this is the lowest of the lows. 

In my post following the election I said I was going to try harder to spread love and volunteer my time in helping causes I truly believe in. And I've been doing this and will continue to do this. Because we are in dire need of more love more compassion and more understanding of our neighbors. 

Sending all my love, thoughts and, prayers to the people and families who feel unsafe and unwelcomed in their home and to those who were injured and lost to us on Saturday.