Favorite At Home Workout Gear

I'll be honest I'm not the best at getting my butt to the gym regularly and I'm definitely not a person who works out consistently. But, like all bad habits I'm trying to change that. I found that my excuse for not working out regularly was that I was too busy and that I didn't have enough time. I typically spend an hour or an hour and a half at the gym doing my workout and I would find myself looking at the time and if I wasn't leaving myself enough time to be there for the full 90min I wouldn't go in. Juuuust a touch of anxiety right there. What's helped me force myself to workout more consistently is purchasing gym gear for my home. This allows me to squeeze in that 90min whenever I want. Excuse gone!  I'm not talking about buying an entire home gym here. Just a few handy items which make working out at home a little easier.

Here are my picks

(all the pictures are clickable)

iPhone Armband // I'm never going to do anything without my phone. But not going to go on a run with my phone in my hands. Having an armband like this makes going on quick runs around my neighborhood so much easier. I can listen to my podcasts, hear my timers telling me to switch gears and, my phone doesn't get overheated and sweaty. There's a handful of different brands out there, but even a cheap one will do the trick! 

Wireless Headphones // And piggybacking on the armband I personally think if you don't already own a pair of wireless headphones you're slacking. I remember prior to owning these I would do deadlifts and the bugs would just get ripped out of my ears. Not a fun feeling and talk about distracting. You can always buy some fancy beats or the apple ear buds but, I think getting an inexpensive pair will do just as well. 

Yoga Mat // Even if you aren't a yogi a yoga mat is key for at home workouts. I have hardwood floors at home and they aren't the most comfortable thing to do a 20min ab workout on. Also I feel like placing your yoga mat down anywhere instantly creates that vibe of a gym, whether it's your living room, a park or, the backyard. I personally like having two yoga mats, One thinner one and thick one for when I try new yoga poses and need a little more cushion for my wrists.

Resistance Bands // These guys are the key to my at home workouts. Whether it's shoulders or legs if I'm working out from home these guys are involved. I love that the bands come in various levels of difficulty and you can always move up and down based on your preferences. And there are literally hundreds of workouts you can do with them. 

Resistance Loops // Very similar to the bands, but in an elastic loop form. I love doing leg days with these guys. They easily take the place of weights and give me that added difficulty plain old squats and lunges lack. They're also amazing for getting your form in shape because they keep everything in the right spot. 

Ankle Weights // I don't think these are necessary but, I do really love having them at home. I love doing plyometric and glute circuits and ankle weights help give me an extra bit of weight. I also really love using them when I'm running up stairs or doing agility workouts. 

Free Weights // You were waiting for this one weren't ya? Sometimes you just can't say no to a good old fashion set of free weights. Since these are for home and not the gym, I don't like to lift heavy. I don't ever want to but myself at risk and hurt myself. So I personally don't purchase 45lb weights for home. I like to stick to the 5-20lb range perfect for toning. 

Do any of you workout at home? What are some equipment pieces you love using?