Staying Current

It seems like everyday there's a new tragedy, another scandal and, a new Trump tweet. Growing up in the DC metro pretty much made it a given I stay current with what's going on in the world. I mean my family literally bonded by watching the news together. These days, I don't have the time to sit around and watch the news and we all know news papers are a thing of the past. I think the last time I touched one was for a blog picture! So how do I stay in touch?

Thanks to technology and my obsession with my inbox I get my daily dose of current events via online newsletters, podcasts and, some great apps! Here are some of my favorites.

The Skimm // The Skimm is my absolute favorite way to stay on top of current events. It's a daily newsletter that shows up in your inbox at 6am every weekday. It's written by millennials for millennials. The writing is fun, unbiased and, easy to read! Oh and they give the BEST book recommendations every Friday.

NYT Daily Brief // I've always been loyal to The New York Times, they're one of the news sources I trust completely. They have a daily (weekends included) newsletter that gives their readers a quick rundown about all the top news stories in all the categories The New York Times has. It covers a lot with detail. So when I want to get down to the nitty gritty of something this is where I go.

Don't have time to read? Well then I've got my second favorite way to stay current. Podcasts! My family and friends make fun of me because I listen to podcasts over music while driving. But, I much prefer learning something new while sitting in DC traffic instead of listening to the same five songs over and over again.

The Daily // This podcast is via The New York Times so it's fairly similar to their briefing newsletter. Just someone tells you about it instead of you reading it. These podcasts show up every morning in time for my 6 am commute. Which is perfect for my drive to work. I love that they're unbiased and go through a nice rundown of everything going on in the world. They don't just talk about current events and politics but also art, sports and, music!

NPR Hourly News // NPR is fairly unbiased. I love listening to their personal stories podcast. They do an incredible job of weaving a story together. This podcast is short. Like five minutes short. And there's a new one every hour. I LOVE THAT. I don't listen to it every hour but on my lunch break, on the drive home, when I'm waiting for an appointment sure. I like that they update you on the biggest news of the day. This is great during things like the Comey trials.

I'm still waiting for The Skimm to come out with a podcast but until then, these are some fantastic options! How do you stay current?