Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is right around the corner and if your dad is anything like my Pappa he's the best. Which makes finding the perfect gift for him tough. But fear not, I've rounded up all my favorite dad approved (seriously I asked him!) gifts to present (ha get it?) you're A1 dad! 

Linen Shirt // Plaid Shirt // Seer Sucker Shirt

Because dad can always use another button down shirt. I don't know about you but my dad lives in button downs and polos. And with the weather warming up a lightweight casual shirt is just what he needs. Especially since he will never buy seersucker on his own. 

Beats Headphones // Bose Speakers // Amazon Echo Dot

My dad is a techie. He loves all the latest gadgets and gizmos. He's also really into music! Sometimes he knows about the newest songs before I do. These three will fulfill all his musical and techie dreams. Mine already has all three of these and LOVES them!

Baseball Tickets // World's Best Dad Coffee Tumbler

My dad's favorite sport is Cricket. But since we don't live in a country where it's widely played baseball is the second closest thing. Nats games are always super fun and, it's a great excuse to go out with the whole family. Oh and how can you not love this world's greatest dad tumbler

Do you know what you're getting your dad?