Plyometric Workout

If you know me you know I'm always active, get bored easily and, hate doing nothing. I'm often found multitasking trying to fit eight million things into a single day. Which makes getting my cute butt into the gym hard. But after working with my trainer for over a year, we've developed a series of exercises that cause you to develop a sweat, produce results, don't require going to the gym and, can be completed in twenty minutes. Music to my ears. They're called plyometric exercises. 

 You look really cute doing these exercises ;) 

You look really cute doing these exercises ;) 

Plyometrics is known as jump training where you do various exercises in a short amount of time exerting maximum force with the goal of increasing your speed and strength. If you're a runner plyometrics are great because by doing them you increase your run time! I like to do them after a 30-40min run or after an upper body gym day because they can be a killer lower body workout.  

When I do my plyo workout I usually do 5-8 exercises for 30 seconds each and 5-6 sets of that. I don't have any breaks between each exercise because that's how you work up a sweat but, I do give myself a 30 second break between each set. Below I've listed some of my favorite plyo workouts and an awesome video on how to do a lot of them! 

Box Jumps 

Switch Lunges


Lateral Jumps

Lateral Shuffle 

Hop Scotch Jumps

Heel Touch

Knee Jump

Mountain Climbers

Toe Taps (any soccer players out there? 

Barbell Squat Jumps (I do these with a 20lb barbell)

BOSU Ball Burpees 

I've seen some amazing results by doing plyometric exercises. I've gotten much faster dropping two whole minutes on my 5k time. For my runners you guys know how awesome that is! I've also gained strength in my legs much faster than I was before doing these exercises. So I definitely recommend trying them out! 

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