Marching for Science

I've mentioned here and on my instagram about my day job. I am a neuroscientist. I study and research different proteins and drugs to help find cure for neuro degenerative diseases. Diseases such as Alzheimer's and MS. I work with patients and their families as they go through clinical trials which can possibly save them. In addition, I'm a paramedic. I spend 12-24hr shifts working hard to ensure the best medical care I can give is given to my patients. I help treat their high blood pressure in the hospital, impending heart attack at home and, even help deliver their babies on i95. It's my job, but it's also my passion and my dream. I love what I do for a living. I love helping others. I love looking at proteins under microscopes and studying pathology. I love learning everything I can about science. 

So when our new administration, spoke out against people like me. Against all the scientific advances and work we do every single day. I was upset and offended. I hated hearing the term 'alternative facts'. The research I do is not alternative. It's not fake. I put in all of my blood, sweat and, literal tear into it. I replicate it. Study it further. And I get it peer reviewed over and over. Scientists don't spew BS because they're bored. They tell you things after years of studying. We live in a factual environment.

I was even more offended when the new administration decided to cut $5.8 billion from healthcare and medical research funding. This doesn't only hurt me. This hurts everyone. Everyone who knows someone who had cancer, everyone suffering from a genetic disease, everyone who has asthma, and even everyone suffering from pollen allergies. 

And because marching is the new brunching, my amazing science loving colleagues and peers went to the streets on Saturday and marched in the pouring rain. April Showers right? I heard so many amazing and gifted scientists speak about their passions. Urging Congress and our president to listen and not cut our funding. My favorite part of the day was hearing Bille Nye speak. He's been a childhood hero of mine and to be able to hear him speak so passionately about my passions it was just a dream. 

I hope everyone had a lovely Earth day and remember, our Earth can not survive or succeed without the help and innovation of others. So when a scientist who spent their career studying climate change or nutrition or anything else tells you the expert facts. It's best to believe them! 

Defend Science!