Summer Binging

Finals are officially over and I've been kindly blessed with one whole week of rest and relaxation before my crazy busy summer begins. And what's a homebody like me going to do this week? BINGE! Netflix binges are a thing and they are oh so lovely. But I will admit I also enjoy binging on books as well. Basically anything that lets you disappear from your world and enter someone else's. I've been especially motivated by tv shows and books which have come from movies this time around. Oh and period dramas, those are always SO good! I've rounded up some of my favorite books, tv shows and movies to share with all of you!

The Boys The Boat by Daniel James Brown // I've chatted about this book before (here) and it’s such a great read. Even if you aren't into sports or non fiction, I think the story is truly amazing. It leaves you feeling a bit patriotic and very optimistic. Also growing up on a river where I got to watch Crew teams from all over practice and race each day helped apart the love.

The Boys of ‘36 // This is more of a documentary than a movie. So while it might take some time getting into the story, the story is amazing! A great watch for a quiet evening or if you're like me a dull afternoon. It’s on Netflix!

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty // This novel was in my Amazon book recommendations for SUCH a long time, I can’t believe it took me to long to read it. It follows the lives of three women and mothers at crossroads in their lives. Definitely not a plot I’d gravitate towards but, nevertheless the story is interesting and kept me interesting. Not to mention the hype from the HBO series helped

Big Little Lies // I really don’t think I need to convince anyone to watch this show. I mean come on, the all star badass female cast of Reece Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and, Shailene Woodley is more than enough to convince ya. If you don’t have HBO fear not, HBO now is available for all and with a free trial. Long enough to binge!

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher // I remember reading this book in middle school and being extremely captivated by it. The book is relatable to any young adult with it’s vast number of characters and makes you stop and think about how you treat other people. As someone who suffers from depression, I found Hannah the main character relatable. The story is tragic, but it’s one that needs to be heard.

13 Reasons Why // I was excited and also intrigued about this series. I mean how was Netflix going to spin it. I felt like they did a pretty good job of showing the dirty side of growing up, depression, rape, assault and, so many other experiences young adults go through but aren’t able to express clearly. I did felt like they glorified the suicide in parts and I hope that won’t backlash in society. But overall I felt like it was a very informative show to watch.  

The White Queen Series // I love period stories. I love learning about feudal history and the medieval era. Basically anything with Kings and Queens fascinates me. I read this series way back in high school and was obsessed. I loved the hints of magic, the politics, the war. It all was so interesting. Since I read it in high school I’m due for a reread but, I’m going to go ahead and say the books are fairly easy to read.

The White Queen and The White Princess // If you have Amazon prime and/or Starz, both shows are available to you for free. Since there is a three year gap between the first show and the second the cast changes entirely. Which is a huge bummer since I really loved the first one. But once you get past that, both shows are incredible. They’re interesting, have strong female characters and, give you a slightly exaggerated view into what it was like in England in the 1400s.

Anything you’ve binged recently?

PS. Also for some nostalgia Bill Nye is back!!!