Spring Palate

Hello spring! We're finally blooming in the district and I couldn't be more excited. My closet is currently going through a seasonal switch.  I'm pushing all the heavy coats to the back and bringing forward the lighter utility and leather jackets. Warm cashmere sweaters are going back into storage to make way for lightweight tops and sundresses. While I'm doing this I'm sure all the boys are following in suit. I mean who doesn't like wearing shorts and a casual tee? 

When Bonobos a male retailer asked me to chat about my spring palate and share some of my favorite pieces, I was thrilled! Their style aesthetic is pretty similar with my own, classic with a dash of trendy. So I found myself bookmarking so many pieces to buy all the men in my life. And for my local people Bonobos has a store in Georgetown's Cadey's Alley!

I personally love shopping for men, when I worked in retail they were my favorite customers. I think it's because most men look good in EVERYTHING so you can really experiment with different styles and trends. Versus me who can look like a sack of potatoes or a twelve year old if I try something too risky. 

My style is fairly casual. I like to mix classic pieces with more trendy ones, for a more understated look. I want my outfit to seamlessly be acceptable for the office, happy hour with the girls and, the evening baseball game. I do this by keeping my clothes in a color palate. This allows most of my clothes to match with one another and allows them to be versatile.

This season my palate is full of whites, navy and, pale reds because I'm patriotic AF and those are the colors for all my favorite sport teams and spring time is also playoff time, with dashes of olive green and yellow. Because olive compliments my skin tone perfectly and it doesn't scream spring like a floral top would. And yellow because it's so cheery that it takes someone right out of their winter slump.

Personally I think all these colors can seamlessly work for men as well! Below I've added some of my favorite pieces from Bonobos perfect for any guy who enjoys classic yet trendy

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