Surviving The End Of The Semester

It's that time of year when school's a little more than stressful and the weather is too perfect to spend indoors. It's honestly tragic, personally I'm craving summer more than anything else. Grad school has me burnt out. But before I can enjoy my sweet summer tanning and drinking all the mojitos I've got to take four finals, two presentations, more graduation parties I can count and, a handful of potential summer research interviews to get through. Four years ago this list would have be in full anxiety mode but, these days I've got the hang of it. I thought I'd share some tips and skills I've learned. 

Stay Organized // An organized life is a successful life. God that sounds so stupid. But it's true. I always feel like I'm control of my life when I'm organized. It helps me stay on top of everything. And being organized during the end of the semester is a godsend. I've been that girl who forgot that a paper was due within the next hour and I never want to be that girl again. 

Prioritize My Time // I'm a busy girl. I like being involved with all the organizations, all the parties and, still going to work full time. However, when it comes to the end of the semester it seems like all the responsibilities multiply. But, you've got to prioritize with what's important. That birthday part for your kindof friend's boyfriend isn't important, studying for that Biochem exam is. The week before and the week of I always lighten my work load and pass on any new responsibilities. Ya girl needs to study!

Do Not Binge Study // I've learned that studying everything from the entire semester in a period of two days does not work. I like to start studying for finals two weeks in advance making study guides and flash cards during the first and, taking practice exams the second. I also do the 55 5 rule. Study for 55 break for 5 bathroom breaks included. Oh and cell phones are hidden from sight. 

Take Care of Your Body // The most important tip I have for surviving this time of year is to take care of your body. For me it means sleeping 8 hours a night, eating three square meals a day plus snacks and, working out for at least 90min a day. As someone who works in healthcare I can't stress enough how important it is to take care of your body especially during stressful times. 

Now I must ask, do you have any tips for a first year grad student because I can certainly use it?