Gifts For The Graduate

The end of the semester is near and while that means finals (read about my tips for surviving finals, exams and, more here), for a lot of us it also means graduation! I wrapped up my undergrad degree in December and went straight into a graduate program so, I didn't have a traditional graduation. However, after spending a full semester in school and working (I do both full time! ) I think I've got a good gauge on what your graduate needs. I've rounded up some of my favorite picks for graduates going to work right after school and going to a graduate program to help ease that adulting transition. 

Gift Cards and Subscription Plans // Most 22 year olds are short on funds, have minimal cooking skills and, probably have little to no furniture in their new too expensive for the size apartments. SO I recommend showering them with various gift cards and gift certificates. Get them a meal plan like Blue Apron for a month so they can get the hang of cooking on their own. An Amazon Prime subscription because nothing is better than having two day free shipping when you don't have a car. A 5-10 class pass for a gym or studio they enjoy. I personally love going to Barre classes but, DC isn't the cheapest city to live in so I don't go as often as I'd like. Basically these are things which will help make their transition into the 'real world' a little easier

Work Clothes // Unless your graduate was one of those people who wore a suit to school everyday for four years or is going to become a nurse chances are they will need some well fitting professional attire. I'm certain your graduate doesn't have a well stocked professional wardrobe, so buy them some! I recommend wrinkle free dress shirts, power suits and, office appropriate skirts and heels. I've seen far too many fresh grads wearing ill fitting suits and skirts which are better off at the clubs. My favorite places to purchase work clothes is J.Crew, Banana Republic and, Brooks Brothers. All three offer tailoring. 

Furniture // Mom Dad I'm looking at you here. Whether it's old furniture just chilling in the basement, much loved compact Ikea furniture, or enviable Pottery Barn furniture a recently moved out young adult needs some solid furniture so they can pretend to have their act together. It doesn't have to be a sofa set or kitchen table but something like a bookshelf or coffee table can really help tie together that over priced studio apartment. 

Home Decor // And for everyone else, aid in decorating that 500 sqft space. It won't take long. Some art for their walls, cute wicker baskets to hold their stuff and, some whimsical trinkets to show off their personality because they're too cheap to buy it themselves. I love finding cute canvases from various Etsy stores online and the Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters Home sections both have an amazing selection as well! 

Office Supplies // Those grad students you love will be too busy to go buy new pens and halfway into the semester they'll be stealing them from the library (#guilty). They'll also be naive and think they won't need a planner, notebooks or, several other basic school supplies. So treat their inner child and get them all the awesome sticky notes, pens, notebooks etc. Oh and that graduate who's about to start their new job needs some of these too! 

Anything I missed? What was/ is your favorite graduation gift to recieve and give?