Trend Alert: Ruffles, Belle Sleeves and, Embroideries

It is just me or have the trends this season been ultra feminine? While I do consider myself and my style to be more tomboy chic ie jeans, sneaks and, a worn in baseball cap all the flirty trends of this season are growing on me. I haven't worn ruffles since middle school, a lace ruffled skirt from Delias (rip) and embroidered clothing since elementary school, anyone else remember the flared jeans with the embroidered flowers and rhinestones? I don't think I can wear those again no matter what Vogue says. But, I will dabble. Just yesterday I scooped up my first ruffled top, and I'm kinda really digging it. I rounded up some of my favorite trendy picks for this season that I've either purchased recently or are on my wishlist below.