Favorite Fitness Classes

One of my favorite ways to workout is going to different fitness classes. I'm pretty extroverted and very energetic so, chitchatting my way through an intense weight lifting or barre class is so much more fun than going at it alone. Not to mention all the new friends you make! I also like going to classes for the versatility, there are so many different options you never get tired or bored.  Over the past year I've sampled and become addicted to various different classes and studios. I thought I'd share some of my favorite ones. 

Body Pump

Body Pump was the very first class I ever took at my gym. I took it to get into weightlifting. It's perfect for those who don't really know how to lift (me one year ago). The class is mostly women, but some men do attend as well. The instructor is ALWAYS upbeat and energetic and, they definitely make sure you have proper form. It's a full body workout with a high rep count so there's some cardio mixed in. I do all my workouts here with weights and bare ranging between 5-30lbs. I like to attend weekly on Wednesday mornings before I go into class. It's a great way to start my mornings. I love all the ladies in my session, they're so supportive and we laugh for the whole hour! 

Core Yoga

I'm not going to lie, when I first began doing yoga I HATED it. Like absolutely loathed it, I found the people to be condescending and my chakra always coming into question. Did they even know the true religious meaning behind chakras? But when I took a class at core yoga, I LOVED it! The instructors weren't judgmental. No one told me to meditate because they thought I was too intense and I actually felt like I was getting a true workout and not just stretching for an hour. I love how the incorporate weights and medicine balls into their classes and I walk out of there feeling stronger. And my abs look great btw, I am ready for bikini season. 

Pure Barre

Barre might be my favorite workout class. I remember getting an impromptu email about taking a free class, and since then I've been hooked! Barre is a mix of ballet, pilates and, dance. It's so much fun but a true workout. I think by the end of the 90min we've completed at least 100 pushups and crunches a piece. I know it looks like a "girl" class but, you seriously get your butt kicked. Just ask any of the guys who showed up at bring your man night. I give all the credit for my cute booty to consistent barre classes. 


When one of my friends told me she was teaching a kickboxing class, I was so excited and knew it was something I wanted to try. I might be a little biased since the instructor is my friend but this class is AMAZING! Seriously, if you have a UFC gym in your area definitely take a class! These classes are so fun, you don't even feel like you're working out. But you totally do in the morning. I really love taking them when I'm having a bad day, hitting something is a great way to take out your aggression. I always leave feeling so much better. 

Are there any classes you really love taking? Comment and share, I'd love to hear about them!