International Women's Day


March 8 is International Women's Day. It's a day to honor and celebrate women of all ages and all walks of life. It's not easy being a woman. We receive a lot of judgement from others whether it be from the powerful institutions like the government or religious centers , our family and friends, or even other women. I can't tell you the amount of times I've felt judged and put down by another woman because she didn't agree with me. It sucks! I'm all about women empowerment and supporting other women in all aspects of their life, no matter what.

I think supporting women and helping them to be their best selves is instrumental. In society women are not equal to men, minority women even less. So if I have even the smallest bit of power in helping another woman achieve her goals or feel validated and supported I'm going to do that. Especially since it's not always happened in my own life.  For those who know me, know that becoming a doctor is my dream. My biggest goal in life. So it really sucked, when my AP biology teacher in high school told me I was not going to achieve that goal. She pulled me aside after class one day, maybe two months before graduation and told me I was not going to succeed. Her reasoning was that I was slacking off by coming in late to her class. At the time I was 17 had accepted a full ride to a well respected University and graduating with honors. So it shocked me that this woman who I looked up to was telling me that I would not achieve my dreams.

Thankfully, I didn't listen to her. But that moment did change me. It was then I realized no matter how hard I worked there were going to be people all around me who weren't going to support me and aren't going to want me to succeed. And it's that much more important that I do. That I surround myself with supportive friends and family and ALWAYS support other women. I never want to be that negative voice in someone's head. I want to be the uplifting and supporting voice in their head. 

Tomorrow is also an international day of protest. A Day Without Women. Why? Because women aren't equal in society. And governments, employers and, other powerful persons believe it's because women offer less to the world than males. So we're going to show exactly how much our daily actions contribute to society. A Day Without Women will be a day where women if they can don't go to work, they don't purchase anything and, basically don't participate as an active part of the community. Some think this is selfish and won't do much, but I disagree.

Alexandria Public Schools in Northern Virginia, where I spent majority of my life growing up has decided to close school for the day because of the protest. Because that many teachers, administrators and other members of the school system are taking leave for the day. The school system literally cannot function without women. So much so it will be closed. Some are saying this is going to negatively impact the kids. I think, it's going to positively impact them. Young very impressionable children are going to see that without women, they can't go to school and learn. They are going to feel the affects of this action first hand. And I'm hoping they will learn and realize that women are very important for our futures. Because if there's no one out there to each our kids about derivatives and the Spanish American War how are we to expect our society to prosper? These kids are our future and they're going to take this experience with them in life and hopefully respect all that women give to society all that much more. That way one day very very soon all the sexes and genders may be equal. 

So cheers to all the amazing women out there.