Swimwear Finds

As of noon today, I will officially be on spring break! After EIGHT grueling midterms, I am so ready for a nice break. While my spring break won't be a true break #gradschoolproblems, I am planning on a few lazy days where I do nothing. It's going to be great! Our neighborhood in northern Virginia has an indoor pool at the community center and I plan on taking full advantage of having it at my disposal 24hrs a day. I mean I gotta do something to burn off all the milkshakes I've been drinking. LOL! 

This is also the time of year, I start yearning to purchase new swimwear. The weather is starting to tease us of pockets of warm weather. And my family begins planning beach vacations, whether for spring break or the upcoming summer months. I thought I'd gather a handful of my favorites and share them! With swimsuits I usually bulk order them online and, try them on at home and keep the ones I like and, send back the ones I don't. Here are some of my top picks for this season!