Farmers Market

One of my favorite parts about summer, is going to the farmers market! My favorite memories as a kid is walking up to the market stands with my mom and grandmother and buying fresh fruits and veggies for the week. There's a small farmers market near my parents' home every Sunday which features product from nearby farms in the county over from ours and goods from local businesses. While we're pretty busy to go weekly, it's always fun when we do get to go. Perfect way to kick off the week. 

I love the smell of basil and mint! They're so refreshing! My mom scooped up multiple plants of each for our garden at home. Hopefully this time next year we'll have a garden full of them!

The best part of farmers markets is knowing that all the goods are fresh and in season! We always make sure to eat in season fruits and veggies at home because that's how you'll get the most nutrients out of your food. I can't wait to start reincorperating tomatoes into my meals. 

All the vendors are so kind and awesome! I love that they're super knowledgable about their products and can answer any of our questions. I hate when I ask a business owner something about their product and they don't give me a solid answer. And those cashews were AMAZING!

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Do you enjoy going to Farmers Markets?


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