Swiping Right

If you consider yourself to be a millennial,  chances are you’ve heard of and even found yourself downloading a dating app like Tinder or Bumble. In an era where technology surrounds us as humans it’s a no brainer that we’re using it to find a partner. While my mother’s generation might view a twenty three year old using the internet to find a date nuts for my generation it’s become the norm. 

I remember downloading the app with a few of my girlfriends for the very first time. We were all slightly nervous about it. I remember feeling like such a loser when I first downloaded tinder, like ‘wow I can’t even get a date the normal way’ but, since I was doing it with my friends that feeling died pretty quickly. 

Now fast forward to two years later since I first downloaded Tinder. I’ve learned a lot from the app about myself and what I want from a partner. I thought I’d share some of my personal pros and cons about dating apps. 

Let’s start with the pros:

  • You meet people you never would have otherwise. Tinder expanded the pool of guys I could potentially date. I would NEVER have met my current boyfriend had it not been for a dating app. While we have a lot in common our paths most likely would never have crossed without the aid of Bumble. Even if we were at the same bar at the same time I’m not sure if we’d make an effort to talk to each other
  • Forces you to be outgoing. Tinder allowed me to crawl out of my secure bubble. I talked to people I never met almost daily. I tried new things and became a more friendly person overall. I now rarely get nervous talking to new people and giving speeches in front of an audience. 
  • Improved my networking skills. Networking? Yes! First dates in my world are interviews. You both are asking the other person questions about their life and trying to get a feel for them. And if you like the person you’re essentially pitching yourself to that person just like you would on a job interview. After a few dates you become comfortable talking about yourself and asking good questions. A perfect skill to take with you into the workforce. 
  • You might actually meet someone you really like! Now I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll meet the one. But if you go in with an open mind and actually give it a chance. There’s a high probability that you’ll meet someone you can see yourself dating and developing a relationship with. 

Now here are the cons:

  • Crude messages. Unfortunately respecting others is still a skill a lot people have yet to learn. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve received vulgar messages that shocked me. Thankfully there’s a block feature on these apps. 
  • Rejection. Remember when I said first dates were like job interviews. Well sometimes you don’t get the second interview no matter how much you want it. Dating is a two way street.
  • The awkwardness. Meeting someone you don’t know for the first time is awkward. You don’t know whether to hug them or shake their hand. And if the date isn’t a good one. It get’s worse. And I’ve gone on my fair share of awkward and bad dates. Ones I’ve lied about a work emergency to get out of there. It’s not fun. 

Now with all that said, sometimes you get lucky. I got suuuper lucky. Have any of your tried dating apps? What were your experiences like?