Opinions in Science

My day to day life isn't blogging. I don't spend my days taking outfit pictures, pitching to brands and, attending fashion related events. Blogging is my hobby. What do I do all day? I study dissected brains which I've personally pumped with drugs developed my doctors and scientists, I take blood from patients so figure out the core reason of their illness and why they are visiting the ER and, I write 25 page papers composed solely on factual information back by mountains of evidence. My world is the science world. In my world my opinion isn't cared for or asked. What is asked are facts and that I release them, because that's the only way I will be considered a valuable and respected member of the scientific community. 

While I originally created this blog, as a space to take a step back from all the science and blood I see each day, I can't in good conscience not use my platform. Our current government has decided their  opinions are more important than the truth. They've spewed false information which will affect our planet for generations to come. And they've made a grave mistake. So here I am, a petite scientist and future doctor who promises to always tell the truth and nothing but truth. After all science is all about the truth. 

Global Warming is REAL. The weather on the east coast is a prime example of it. 

Vaccinations DO NOT cause autism, not vaccinating your children will actually expose them to hundreds of deadly and preventable diseases and hurt other children who are too weak and sick to receive their own vaccinations.  

People DO NOT choose their gender or sexual orientation and you can NOT use chemicals and conversion therapy to alter their identity 

Healthcare is a necessary NEED for all members of society. Without proper medical care, the human population will suffer from more illnesses and diseases and ultimately the human race will be at risk. 

Many have heard about the Science March taking place on April 22, 2017 on the National Mall. I with all my science loving colleagues and friends will be attending. I chose my career because I want to make our society a better place to live for now and the future. I hope that's why our government chose their occupation too.

The Science March, is a march to make our government listen. To make them know that facts and science are going no where and we will be here, long after they are. So the best thing they can do for society is embrace the facts and work with people to make the world a better place, not disregard them and call them alternative because we're the people who will one day cure diabetes, discover new planets and, figure out all the impossible questions of the world. 

I hope everyone who is able and healthy attends the march. One of our first amendment rights as Americans is to assemble, and that we will every time the government does us wrong. It's the human and American thing to do. George Washington would want us to. 

I'm thinking of adding a biweekly or monthly science-y post on the blog. Perhaps sharing my research and what I do on an average day and/or sharing what my colleagues in the scientific community are up to. What do you all think? I've come to realize, that not a lot of people know scientists and view them and introverted geeks like depicted on "The Big Bang Theory" but we're much much more than that.