Hair Update

Winter is the harshest time for my hair. A few weeks ago I made the mistake of leaving the house without drying my hair so while waiting for the metro literal icicles were hanging from my hair. The cold literally froze my hair. Absolutely nuts. My hair is fairly tame, however I have a ton of hair and it's pretty heavy. Meaning when it acts up it really acts up. These days it's dry, full of tangles and, lacking luster. As someone who views their hair as their best physical characteristic bad hair days aren't well received. And I've been having a bad hair season. 

The Type A person in my could NOT deal with this issue. I mean a girl can wear buns for so many days before it gets annoying. So the scientist in me took over and I went into full research mode looking up different DIYs for my hair, products other people with similar hair recommended and, texting my stylist. It's been a few weeks and I think it's safe to say, my hair finally feels like mine again and I have the bad hair days behind me. This did not happen overnight and I ultimately changed up my entire hair routine. I thought I'd share some of my favorite products and tips I've picked up. 

Picture from my favorite London based Blogger Rosie Thomas whose hair is seriously goals. One day. 

Maintain a well balanced diet // It's weird how I study medicine and spend so much of my time telling other people to eat well balanced meals but, when it comes to myself I slack off more than I'd like to admit. In order to look great on the outside, I need to take care of myself on the inside. 

Use Less Chemicals // Hair products have a lot chemical ingredients which strip hair of their natural oils and nutrients. Products promise shine and lustful hair, but what they really do is damage your hair for the long run. I've made an effort to not only use less products but also use products which are organic. I switched my shampoo and conditioner to an organic one from Radha Beauty. I've noticed my hair is so much softer and it sheds less, since switching. 

No Heat // I'm not big on using styling tools on my hair unless it's for special occasions. However, occasionally in the winter months I blow dry my hair to avoid hair icicles and getting sick. But in efforts to not use any heat, I've decided to shower at night instead and letting my hair air dry. 

Hair Mask // I love love love face masks. I wear them multiple times a week. I think they're so fun and they leave my face feeling amazing. But, why didn't I ever think of trying them for my hair? I've tried a few DIY masks from pinterest and I bought a few from Lush and both have worked amazingly! I never thought an egg white mask would make my hair so shinny and luscious but it does! My favorite Lush mask is the Jasmine And Henna Fluff-Eaze mask. It makes my hair feel so smooth and it smells amazing!

Coconut Oil // Coconut oil is seriously a holy grail! I've been wearing coconut oil in my hair since I was a little girl. My grandmother would put it in my mother's hair when she was a little girl and my mom put it in my own. I know coconut oil is all the rave these days but, people are praising it for a damn good reason! We've been using this brand for decades in my family. 

Any good hair products you've tried recently? Comment and share, I've love to hear them!


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