Balayage Hair

I'm not the most impulsive person. I prefer making lists and planning my life to the minute until I'm thirty. So needless to say, dying my hair is a BIG deal. I've been wanting to get a balayage for years now. Every since I saw Rachel Bilson's balayage, I've been toying with the idea of it. And after making multiple pinterest boards, googling all the salons in the area I took the plunge. 

I went to Statements Salon in Woodbridge in Northern Virginia. I did a lot of googling, yelping and instagram stalking before deciding to go there. But, their instagram convinced me. My stylist Melissa was the absolute best! So fun and easy to talk to. She definitely kept my nerves at bay. I was so so nervous while getting it done. Fun fact about my hair, I have a lot of it, like tons. Poor Melissa spent over three hours doing my hair. Seriously, I took my mom with me who fell asleep on the couch at some point. LOL. 

This was my very first time coloring my hair, one of my biggest fears was walking out with orange hair. So I while balayage is fairly trendy I went for a more subtle balayage, something I wouldn't have to take too much care of and would still look professional. I'm not kidding when I say this, but when I saw the final results I cried. They were a million times better than I ever thought! I am seriously so so so obsessed with my new hair I can't believe it. I'm taking all the selfies these days, I think my friends hate me. 

What do you guys think?