Me Time

I think this will be the most interesting year yet. There's a lot going on in the world and in my own life. Between school, work and, everything else I'm finding it harder and harder to set aside some time each day for myself. It's always one thing after another and, sometimes I feel like I need to schedule bathroom breaks.

One of the biggest problems in today's time is burn out. I've seen it in my classmates. coworkers and, myself. It sucks. We work ourselves to the breaking point day in and day out and, eventually snap. And then you're in a giant pit you can't get out of. 

Which is why I've made an effort to schedule, an evening for myself every week. The evening changes based on my schedule but these days it seems like Friday nights are my nights. I don't do any work during these night. Meaning there is no school work, no research work, no hospital work, no blogging happening at all. It's my way to rest and recharge.

So what does someone who is go go go all the time do with an entire free night? I do everything! Seriously anything and everything I wish I had time to do but don't I do then. It's so much fun! Sometimes I go out to drinks with my girlfriends other nights I try a new face mask and bath bomb or I curl up in bed and just binge read. It feels so so good.  

My goal is to actually stick to this plan of having a weekly mental health day, even when life gets too busy and tough. I know it's going to be especially difficult to do, during midterms in a week or so. But I'm determined to stay grounded and in control. 

What do you like to do during your me time?