2017 Gift Guide

I know I know every single blogger and their mother is bombarding you with a gift guide for every single person on your list. Sometimes making you think of even more people on your list. You don't need another gift guide. Or do you? 

Instead of bombarding you all with a different gift guide each day of the month, I thought I'd Compile a list of 50 items I truly love and believe anyone on your list will love to be gifted as well. These items are from a wide price range, gender neutral to an extent and, 100% tested out by either me or a loved one of mine. 

And there you have it! All 50 products I personally thing will make THE BEST gifts. From the  $1300 drone to the $2 adult coloring book, I'm a proud owner of everything on this list and therefore believe it will make a wonderful gift for anyone and everyone on your list! 

Happy Holidays