Balancing Life


A few weeks back I did an insta poll and asked if you all would like to read about how I balance my hectic life. For those new here, I'm a current full time graduate student studying Neuroscience, I work full time in Medicine and, I'm currently involved with Traumatic Brain Disease Research with the NIH. So ya girl is busy. I hate that word but, honestly it's the only way to describe my life at this point in time. Oh I'm also getting ready to apply to medical school (cross your fingers for me!). 

So how do I balance all that and have a blog and maintain a social life? Here's the short and dirty answer. I don't. I'm very sorry to report but your girl does not have her shit together. At all. I wish I did, but at 23 I don't have that perfect balance figured out quite yet. And you know what? That's ok! 

I'll say that again, it's ok to not have your life figured out. I use to fret over this and I'd spread myself thin trying to do everything. Everything I felt society expected from me. But after one too many panic attacks I realized I needed to take a step back and reevaluate. 

What did I reevaluate? I wrote down my goals for the next two years, next five years and, next ten years. What did I see for myself then. How was I going to get there. Then I created my attack plan of sorts. 

I decided my biggest priority was grad school and my research. And I would give my 110% effort in that. I need an income so I couldn't quit my job but, I did decide to work fewer hours. I'm home from work by 630pm each night instead of 10 or 11pm these days, a blessing I tell ya. Usually after work I'll head back to campus and either study or work further on my research but, it's much preferable to coming home at 11pm exhausted and having zero energy for anything else. 

Finally the hardest part of the whole thing was realizing being in a relationship was not the wisest thing for myself or my partner. So while I loved the guy I knew it wasn't fair to expect someone to put up with my crazy life. Especially someone where there were zero talks about the future, so the relationship ended. And following that I made the decision to not date anyone else until life calms down.

So that's how I've been doing it as of late. Figuring out my priorities, seeing what will take me to my two year, five year and, ten year goals and executing those things to the best of my abilities. While this system might not work for everyone, for now this is working for me. 

How do you all prioritize your lives?