Favorite Dinner Spots in DC

It's no real secret that I'm quite the foodie. I love to eat! Whether it's whipping up a favorite meal, trying out a new recipe or, going out to eat. I'm a firm believer that food is the source to most if not all happiness. I mean there has to be a reason why most dates revolve around a meal, right? While the food scene in DC isn't as nuts as it is in places like NYC or LA but, personally I think we have some pretty great spots where you can go and enjoy a great meal with a fantastic atmosphere. Here are my personal favorites. Perfect for groups, special occasions or just because you felt like treating your self! 

Ottoman Taverna  || I recently discovered Ottoman Taverna but when I read that it was a Middle Eastern restaurant I knew I had to try it. And oh my god, this place speaks to my heart. The dinner menu is majority a list of different types of kabobs and growing up with kabobs being my comfort food, it immediately made me happy. I loved the Kasap Kofte which is a spicy ground beef kabob and the Adana kabob which is a char grilled lamb kabob. So amazing. If you know a meat eater and have a special night to celebrate this place is it. If you aren't a meat eater or aren't a fan of large meals not to worry they also have a large selection os hot and cold meze plates, a lot of which are vegetarian. 

Le Diplomate  || Oh how this place makes me wish I was in Paris! Le Diplomate is designed as traditional French restaurant and cafe, complete with an ice cream stand out front during the summers. The decor fuels the atmosphere and the food is never anything less than exquisite.  If you're going with a big group who enjoys seafood I definitely recommend getting a platter and don't skimp out, on the starters their french onion soup is absolutely dreamy. I love going here with my girl friends as the light and casual ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for chatting the evening away.  

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Blue Duck Tavern  || Awarded as a Michelin Star, and well deserved. This is my favorite place for my birthday dinner with the family. The homey feel, is perfect for crisp early November not to mention their winter menu is just perfect. I took a risk and tried the bone marrow, and it was so good! I grew up eating bone marrow curries at home, but never had it in non Indian food so I was hesitant, but oh my god I dreamed about it later that night!  Oh and if you find yourself here for brunch, do yourself a solid and get the pumpkin spice pancakes. You'll thank me. 

Rasika  || I'm pretty picky about Indian food. I firmly believe no one can make it better than my family. So whenever I go to an Indian restaurant, I'm always looking for an authentic place where they don't skimp on the traditional spices and herbs. Raskia, is probably the closest restaurant that comes to my standard on Indian food and still providing a beautiful atmosphere with great service. My favorite Indian places usually are tiny hole in the wall diner type spots. But Rasika proved to be worth the visit. I recommend trying the vegetarian dishes if you're looking for pure authentic Indian dishes because they've nailed it on those. The ones with meat are still very good, but not as authentic since they tone down the spices and don't use the same tandoor oven, native to India. If you're looking for a yummy ethnic spot to introduce to a friend whose palate isn't accustomed to foregin food quite yet. Rasika is your best option! 

Del Campo || If you know me, you know I'd a die hard fan of anything kind of Latin American food. The spices blend so well and you always get the best juicy meats that are perfectly seasoned. After Mediterranean it's my favorite.  Their steak is amazing, definitely get the green chili sauce to go with it. You won't be sorry. It's the perfect blend of spices leaving you satisfied but still craving more. If you can't make it out for dinner, definitely recommend their happy hour because the cocktails are amazing and may put you under the table. 

Where do you like to go out for dinner in your city?


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