Night at the Newseum

The Newseum is one of my absolute favorite museums in the city. As someone who loves politics and current events I find it a real treat to be able to have a museum dedicated to all of the biggest news stories around the globe.  We attended the last "Night at the Museum" event of the year, a few days back and it was too much fun! As all open bars are ;) 

Night at the Newseum is an event which occurs many times throughout the year and each event is themed. The theme this time around was 'Act Up!' which focused on the importance of free speech and expression, something which the museum was founded on. The night consisted of many collaborations with Art Soiree, Flying Dog Brewery, Silent Dance Party and so many more.


The Newseum is open to all the attendees and we were free to walk around the museum with bottles of Flying Dog Beer, wine and, popcorn in hand. Enjoying all it has to offer. 

I found looking at the section where all the FBI and CIA cases were, was so cool. Living in DC I grew up hearing about all these cases and to see them in a museum setting just seemed so surreal. It dawned on me that I was actually living during pivotal moments in history. 

We also were entertained a step show by Dem Raiser Boyz the number one step team in the area. They performed a powerful message about the importance of the need for free expression and speech and how art is intertwined with it all. 


Free speech isn't always vocal sometimes it's silent! The rooftop of the museum allowed us to experience a silent disco. Something I've been meaning to try for a while! So with drinks keeping us warm we ventured outside and danced with the US Capitol as our backdrop. DC perk right? 


We even got my craft on and painted some glasses expressing our free speech! I was feeling a little patriotic. The night ended with us happy and drunk as we took our new glasses home. 

Any fun events you enjoy attending?


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