No Ban No Wall

Today's post was going to be a recipe, but with the current state of our union I couldn't possibly share a pasta recipe. It didn't feel right. I created my blog to serve as a creative outlet and talk about my thoughts and opinions on all subjects. So I'm going to get a little more personal than an outfit post and chat about my feelings about the recent executive action banning entry of people from seven middle eastern countries whose dominate faith is Islam. This ban, is a blanket ban affecting all persons including dual citizens like myself, visa holders, people with greencards and, refugees. People who are entering the United States legally. While there was a motion by a group of federal judges Friday night declaring a stay, it's not over. Let me start by saying that I am vehemently against it.

I am a first generation American citizen. I was the first person in my entire extended family on both sides to be born in America. For my family I am the symbol of the American Dream. However, this recent ban tarnished that image and that dream not only for my Muslim family but for hundreds and thousands of others across the Nation. How can the United State claim to be a nation free of religious, racial and, ethnic discrimination with this ban in place? How will I and hundreds of other people explain the ban to children? What do we say? The country you call home doesn't want you and thinks you pose the same threat of a terrorist. 

For myself this ban is personal. This ban attacks my cultural background and it attacks my religious background. It makes me feel unsafe and it makes me feel unwanted. Unsafe and unwanted in the only home I've known. In the only country I've called my own. And I'm not alone in this feeling. 

However seeing all the demonstrators whether they were at the international airports across the country warmly welcoming immigrants and refugees, marching down to the White House making their voices heard or offering their help in any shape way for form made me glad to be American. It warmed my heart and made me feel welcomed. I saw the country my parents dreamed for me. I saw the people they wanted be to aspire to become. I saw the unity that makes America America.

This ban is not only illegal due to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 but it goes against the cultural beliefs we have as a country. We are a melting pot of individuals, a blend of cultures, languages and, ethnicities. I don't believe we can succeed as a nation if we keep people out of our country. It isn't beneficial for our National Security, it actually gives a reason for real terrorists to attack us. A five year old boy is not a terrorist. A woman trying to see her sick mother is not a terrorist. A man who risked his life fighting alongside American soldiers is not a terrorist.

The ban was built on an idea of fear. A fear of something not the norm. A fear of threat. The fear that 9/11 will happen again. Being scared and worrying about your families is ok, it's normal. But, fear shouldn't be a driving force which will separate us from the world. Fear shouldn't alienate us from our fellow man. Fear shouldn't create hatred in our hearts for people who are different than us. I think the best way to not be fearful of people different than us, is learn from them. Talk to them. Learn about their story. Talk to a Muslim person, see that their faith isn't the Fox News stereotype of it. Talk to a refugee see how while we fear another 9/11 they experienced their own 9/11 everyday.

I want nothing more for our country to prosper and succeed. I don't think it will happen if our current administration continues to move in this direction. So like our constitution says, it's in the hands and power of the people. We must continue to protest, we must write and call to our congressmen and women, we must support our fellow immigrant and refugee neighbors. We need to let our government we don't approve of this message and we will fight until it is no longer our message.

I want to thank all the people who are using their platforms and voices to speak out against this act. It is because of you I feel welcomed and safe in our country. It is because of you I still have hope for the future of our country. So thank you.