Leather Trend

In seventh grade, I bought a leather jacket from the thrift shop near my home. I loved that leather jacket and wore it to the ground. However, when I first wore it to school, I got made fun of for it! Oh the things boys said about the jacket, reminding me this wasn't Grease or the 1950s. I got teased relentlessly for it. But being the spunky person I was, I continued wearing it. I felt so powerful and cool in my jacket. I didn't care what anyone thought, I knew I looked amazing. This was back in 2006/07 and leather wasn't quite trendy yet.

However over the years it became quite trendy, I wore a leather dress to homecoming my sophomore year and slowly saw my peers embrace the leather look. Now I see the leather everywhere! Models, celebrities, fashion bloggers, and everyone else adorning leather and looking fab in it. I mean if Olivia Palermo wears it, it's automatically cool right? 

With so much leather in all my favorite stores, I never thought J.Crew would sell leather leggings but here they are doing it! I thought I'd share some of my favorite leather picks! 


How much are you loving the leather trend?


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