Valentines Day Gift Guide

Remember in elementary school everyone got a box to decorate with construction paper hearts and on Valentines day it would be filled with candygrams from all your classmates? Seriously the only reason I always loved the holiday. All I see, is all the chocolate, so it's a win for me. I tend not to get too into the holiday, but since it revolves around dessert I can't ignore it.

Gifting for a significant other is a difficult task because you want to get the 'right' present and you know they won't say that they don't like it, so you'll never know if you hit a home run or not. Kinda frustrating if you ask me. Now I'm not hinting or anything but, personally all I'd like is a day to spend with my guy and all the dessert. My two favorite things. I've rounded up some mostly gender neutral gifts in a range of prices and tastes to gift below!


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Flowers, chocolate and, perfume and cologne are classic for a reason, they work. They work for all occasions really, but on Valentines day they really work. Personally, I'm not too into flowers allergies don't let me appreciate them as much. But you can never go wrong with red roses. So bring on all the chocolate. I'm not particularly picky about my chocolate but I'm going to have to veto those chocolate heart boxes because half of the chocolates suck. Instead find out what your significant other likes and buy that. Lindt milk chocolate truffles are my absolute favorite. Another really good option is a giant bar of their favorite candy, like these heart shaped Reese's. As for perfume and cologne if you're getting it, make sure your significant other isn't allergic or sensitive to any strong scents. Once you've got the ok, go to a department store or a Sephora and smell all the smells and pick one that reminds you of them the most. Chances are you'll hit the nail on the head if you go that route opposed to asking the sales rep. This is my personal favorite, I've been wearing it everyday for over a year., and this my favorite scent for guys

My favorite type of gifts for a significant other are experience gifts such as a surprise staycation, concert tickets, play tickets or, tickets to a game. It's something that isn't only a gift for them but also for you, a definite date night planned and ready to go. They also show your partner that you listen and care about them. Get them tickets to see their favorite basketball team when they're in town or a band they really like. Since the holiday is all about love, it's important to show them you care and listen. We're pretty lucky in DC because while we don't have broadway we do have the Kennedy Center which has free shows every night. A perfect date night if you ask me.

If you're going for a more tangible gift, I always suggest something versatile and something they will actually use opposed to something which will hang in their closet or sit on their desk for all of eternity. If they got a new phone over the holidays a cute cell phone case is a great option! Get it monogrammed to add an extra personal touch. If you're planning a trip together how about a passport holder or a luggage tag? It'll let your partner know you're looking forward to spending time together. Since it's still cold in February a winter accessory or sweater is great too. I'm a scarf hoarder and these Kate Spade tech gloves are too darn cute. And every girl loves jewelry, as a science nerd I think these chemical structure necklace. If she isn't that nerdy this pretty necklace is an amazing choice too. And for the guys who don't wear jewelry, some great cufflinks which you can monogram is a great alternative. 

Valentines Day commercial holiday or not, single or not is a great time to show all the people in our lives we love and care about them. So don't forget about your best friends, parents and, awesome siblings and spread the love all around.