Athleisure Trend

Is it just me or does every girl in college wear the same outfit to class? Oversized tee paired with leggings and some sneaks. It's casual and comfortable perfect for those eight am classes. Personally, that look isn't for me. I love wearing comfortable and lazy clothes as the next person, but the whole 'I woke up like this' look doesn't appeal to me. I prefer wearing clothes that fit and are a bit more polished, even if they're sweatpants.

Lucky for me,  A TON of my stores are also picking up on the athleisure trend, and my bank account is suffering due to it. My go to lazy day outfit? A casual graphic tee like this one from J.Crew with their staple excursion vest and some joggers and slip on vans. It's something comfortable, polished and, a tad trendy. I've rounded up some of my favorite athleisure picks below! 

Are you loving the atheisure trend? What's your favorite outfit to wear?


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