2017 Goals

Happy 2017 everyone! I love the start of the new year, because it's a fresh start. Another chance to do some good and another chance to get it right. While I'm not the best at keeping my resolutions, I didn't suck at it in 2016. I'm definitely an ambitious goal maker. I've never been one to start off small, I figure if I start off big and finish most it's better than start off small and finish it all. So cheers to another year full of growth, goals and, hard work! 

Volunteer Once a Week // I've already began working on this goal over the fall but, since exam week hit I've fallen short. After this past election, I took some blame for the result. I've always been very vocal about my political opinions and have volunteered for every election since I was old enough to. This election I didn't volunteer, not once. I ignored classmates and colleagues who wanted to vote for Donald Trump instead of having an open conversation with them. So when the results came in, I felt a guilt. I felt like I didn't do all that I could to help the future of our country, not just for my benefit but for others as well. So I'm making an effort to volunteer for all platforms I'm passionate about. Platforms which may be at risk because of the new power in office. So I'm committing my time to volunteering at free clinics, serving with the volunteer rescue squads, working with refugee organizations to help new Americans settle in their homes, and encouraging young girls to pursue their dreams. Because if I can help, I should help. 

Finding a Healthy Balance // I mentioned in my last post that I did reach my health/ fitness goal for the year, but now I have so many more to achieve! I want to be able to lift twice my body weight, be more flexible and, get a body I will be happy with every single day. I know this isn't going to happen magically. So my goal for this year is to develop a gym routine that works for me. Currently I go when I can, and I need to carve out that hour a day for myself to go workout and let go of some daily stress. I also need to learn what works for me diet wise. While trying to gain weight I increased my portion size and calories, it definitely worked but it also made me feel groggy and sick more often than not. With how busy I am, skipping meals isn't out of the norm for me and I know that shouldn't happen but I also know that I can't eat like that anymore. I'm also going to not deny myself dessert (sorry Alison) but, if I'm going to become a doctor I can't be hangry for Oreos. 

Stay Organized // I'm a messy person. I will be the first person to admit that. My room is pretty horrific. I have clothes all of the floor, piles of books stacked taller than me, and I have sentimental attachments to everything. But this year I'm making a goal to keep everything consistently organized. I'm cleaning out my room, organizing all my clothes, tidying up my numerous bookshelves and keeping my life just as organized as my desk (the only spot I refuse to be anything but spotless).

Save More Than I Spend // This one is tough, but I'm hoping I can achieve it. I'm definitely a stress shopper. When I'm feeling down my fingers find themselves on Amazon or I find myself in the chocolate isle and I buy things I don't have a definite need for. So this year, I'm going find a new outlet for my sorrows (maybe a run or a nice bath). Financially I have a rule that I send a specific amount of money from each paycheck to my savings account. I'm hoping to budget a little more this year so I can send more into my savings account. As someone who is about to take on over $200k in loans for medical school, I know I need to budget better. 

 Travel More // Despite loving to travel and see new places, I'm not a traveller at all. If I'm lucky I get to go visit two new places a year. I've been using school and work as an excuse for years. I never studied abroad, haven't left the country since I was a teenager and, beyond family vacations haven't gone anywhere. I'm going to make a conscience effort to travel more and see more new places. Even if they're short day trips! I want to try and travel more. 

What are your goals for the year? Comment and share!