Everyday Winter Outfit

Winter is in full swing here in DC, my hand warmers are my best friends these days. Although  we haven’t experienced too much snow quite yet I’m still hoping we receive a shower in the next few weeks. I didn’t buy a puffer coat for nothing!

I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but versatility is a key aspect for my personal style. If I can’t wear something at least five different ways, I won’t purchase it. Versatility is also great because I can shop my closet again and again creating new looks.

IMG_1362 (1).JPG

In the fall I shared a casual everyday look which more or less became my uniform. So I thought it was high time to share my everyday winter look. I’m even wearing the same sweater I did in my fall outfit! I took all of these pictures in Georgetown, just steps from where I grew up.

For this look I paired one of my favorite J.Crew sweaters with a white button down shirt, the extra layer adds some warmth and gives the sweater a more polished look. To keep the look feeling too plain I wore some leather leggings instead of jeans. I love these leggings because they’re fleece lined, making them oh so warm. They add a little personality to the look. Since it’s too cold for leather jackets leather pants are my go to in the colder months. I swapped out sneakers I usually wear in the fall months with a pair of chelsea boots. I like these better for winter because they’re waterproof great for all the snow and rain we get and they’re much warmer.

Accessories: Beanie // Necklace // Purse

As for accessories I wore a much loved beanie from Madewell, keeping me not only warm but the mane that is my hair somewhat under control. I also wore a simple necklace from madewell and pearl earrings. I’m not big on big chunky jewelry, it’s not my thing. I think being so petite makes me cautious of wearing anything too overwhelming. Not to mention simple pieces such as these are SO much more versatile ;) Finally I threw my favorite Kate Spade crossbody bag, perfect for running errands and going out alike. It’s small yet roomy storing all my needs.

Thankfully when I took these pictures it was a warm 60 degree day so no coat necessary but depending on how cold it is I’m often found wearing either a quilted jacket, wool coat or, puffer. Great for all the different kinds of weather DC likes to throw my way.  

What’s your everyday winter outfit? Comment and share!