Ice Skating in Georgetown

I'm a winter child at heart, I LOVE snow. Nothing makes me happier than watching snowflake fall down and not melt when they hit the ground. You'd think it was my birthday for how excited it gets me. Along with the cold, we are gifted with the best winter activities from snowboarding down mountains to building snowmen families in the backyard to pretending to be Michelle Kwan on the ice rink. It's all too fun!!

DC has been pretty warm this winter, because climate change is real no matter what our new president says. I'm a proud scientist, and I believe the facts of my colleagues who dedicated their lives to studying the environment. I think anyone who doesn't believe in it will be on the wrong side of history and is contributing to the end of our society. I'm a real mood lifter, don't you think? Recycle, limit your usage of gas, use public transportation or walk if you can, invest in eco-friendly goods. Ok rant over, for now. 

What was I talking about? Oh yeah! My youngest sister and I are almost eight years apart in age. A pretty big gap but, with four kids in the family it's kind of expected. It's pretty fun watching her grow up because whenever she enters a new phase of life, I've already left it so, I'm able to help her and reduce the awkward years as much as possible. I hung out in those awkward years until I was 20 #latebloomer. 

When a free day came up in my schedule we decided to go ice skating, something I haven't done in years and something she LOVES! We went to the outdoor ice rink in Georgetown on a clear December day where the temperature was in the 60s! I couldn't believe it. We skating circles around the rink, my sister skated circles around me multiple times and, laughed as I fell continuously. 

Even though she's taller, my sister's favorite thing to do is borrow my clothes. So imagine my surprise when she came downstairs ready to go head to toe in my clothes. I can't exactly blame her on this, girl has good taste. ;) 

We're lucky that DC has a handful of great ice rinks both indoor and outdoor. I love the one in Georgetown because it's on the Harbor and is surrounded by a ton of great restaurants and stores to shop at. Once we were tired out from the rink, we took advantage of the weather and bought ourselves some yummy gelato! I mean how could I not. 

What are some of your favorite winter activities?