Coffee Shops of DC

Hello hello school is back in session for most of us in the DC Metro, and that means all the caffeine. I have the tendency to drink a few cups before I even stop onto campus so I'm alert and ready to on those crazy 8ams! So in efforts to aid all you returning to work, school, or just coffee lovers I thought I'd share some of my favorite coffee shops in the area. I've already posted one of these before, but I think it's high time for another, don't you think? 

Compass Coffee // I love love love this place! Local to the area, all their coffees are made in DC and with multiple locations all over the district, I know I can grab an amazing cup of coffee anywhere I am! Best part, I can buy some for my home too! So even if you aren't local you can try the yummy blends named after some much loved DC neighborhoods. I introduced so many people to their coffee, and I have yet to hear any complaints. 

La Colombe  // Another much loved favorite of mine. They too are located all over the city and in many other major cities. I especially love their lattes and their decor is too cute! The perfect place for a little coffee date or catch up meeting with a friend. They also sell their coffee online, which I of course recommend.  I even gifted it over the holidays to some friends and to a winner for my birthday giveaway! 

Grace Street Coffee // Grace Street Coffee has become a staple in my life, with it's location being so close and it's location not only offering me delicious coffee but also yummy juices and avocado toast from south block. The staff is super friendly, and I always enjoy my conversations with them most mornings and occasional evenings. And their cups, are too cute with their logo right at the bottom, but you must drink it all to see it. 


Chinatown Coffee Company // Another local coffee shop! This place is located in the heart of Chinatown on H street, perfect to grab a cup to go if you're working downtown. They also serve wine and beer, which is perfect for an after work pick me up. I love that I can come here and study or work on posts such as these, drinking delicious coffee and once it's 5 o' clock switch over to a glass of wine. Best of both worlds. 


The Wydown // This coffee shop and cocktail bar is too fun! I love coming to this two story marvel for a yummy latte or a glass of rose depending on the time of day. They offer so many different brands and brew of coffee each tasting better then the next. Not to mention all the delicious pastries they have, no diet necessary over here. They have two locations one in the U street neighborhood and the other at the Apollon in NE DC. If you're ever planning on a coffee date on U street I definitely recommend stopping by for a coffee. 

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Philz Coffee // One of my favorite bloggers Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam, would always snap pictures of Phillz coffee and when I heard it was coming to DC, I knew I had to try a cup or six! I was not disappointed. They offer so many different blends ranging from dark roast to light to decaf and their own specialty teas! I love their Tantalizing Turkish dark roast. Mmm so good. 

Did I miss any? What are your favorite local coffee shops? Comment and share!



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