National Gallery of Art East Wing

Another day and another museum to explore. I've lucked out recently with my school and work schedule aligning how it is, I'm able to have a few hours to kill each day perfect for wandering museums and getting a bite with a friend. This week I wandered around the National Gallery of Art, while I did knock out both wings in the same afternoon (skills)  I thought two separate posts would be better seeing that the two are completely different breeds. 

Recently renovated, the east wing of the museum reopened during the spring and I've been dying to take a tour since then. The wing focuses on Modern Art, which I think besides photography, is my favorite type of art. I think that's because so much of it requires outside the box thinking or just a need for a sense of humor. The piece I was most  interested in seeing? The giant rooster!! The magnificent blue beast hangs out on the roof of the museum and, despite the rain, it was quite a sight to see. 

Three stories filled with amazing sculptures you really can knock out a wonderful afternoon just walking around this amazing museum. I really enjoyed seeing how artists were able to take materials I could get my hands on and create things so beautiful and amazing.  

I mean how cool are these mix media canvases! 

I'm not a very creative person, I mean this blog is about as creative as I get. So walking around art museums always leaves me in awe. But there are some pieces which I totally think I could have made myself. I mean come one, this blue canvas? It's in my favorite Chelsea blue. Totally could have made it, sold it to the museum and paid for med school. 


I want a print of the 'Master of the Universe' piece for my desk. I mean how motivational would that be? Also the America LED, sculpture I love and wish I could have something made similar for my home. 

Eventually I made my way down to the bottom floor and after having seen just about it all, I made my way towards the tunnel which connected me to the west wing of the gallery. The perfect path since I was in no mood to get wet! 

What do you think about Modern Art? West wing post coming soon!


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