Botanical Gardens


There's still snow on the ground here in DC, not enough to play in but just enough to be a bother. As someone who walks just about everywhere she can, this is my least favorite kind of snow. But with chilly weather we find ourselves seeking shelter in warmth, last month I visited the Botanical Gardens and their seasonal holiday exhibit. I also toured the rest of the indoor gardens, which thanks to the conservatory was nice and toasty! So as promised, I'm sharing with you the rest of my afternoon at the Botanical Gardens. 

The Botanical Gardens have many different sections in their conservatory, each housing different plants based on climate. The plants suited most for our DC environment are planted outdoors with the more tropical plants indoors. Unfortunately the chilly weather isn't too great of a time to show off the exquisite outdoor gardens but, perfect for the indoor ones. I recommend dressing in layers for you'll be peeling them on and off as you continue into each room. 

The first room I walked into was the rare and endangered species room. Tons of interesting plants, which have become endangered in today's society due to acts which aren't environmentally friendly. This room is there to preserve some of the species in hopes to one day replant them, so they can once again prosper in their environments. Hopefully this occurs, because plants provide so much for us and we don't always think about them being endangered but how horrible would it be without them? We do after all get our oxygen thanks to them! 

Next I perused the orchards exhibit, a room completely full of orchards. All different colors and strains and beautiful. Did you know orchards are thought to be the most romantic flower? I always thought that was roses but, I guess not! You really do learn something new each day I suppose! Walking down the path of orchards I was lead into the Mediterranean room. Where it was nice and toasty and full of plants and fruit native to the Mediterranean. I this was one of my favorite rooms, full of herbs, fruit and vegetables I grew up with and some I didn't even know had a Mediterranean origin. 

Afterwards I was lead into the Medicinal Plants and as a science nerd and someone who is pursuing a career in medicine I found this room so so cool. I always knew there were people from the olden days who used the medicinal properties in plants for injuries and illnesses. But I didn't to what extend some of these plants were used. I mean who would have thought vanilla would be in this section? And fun fact my paternal grandmother was a naturopathic doctor. This meant instead of prescribing Nyquil for a cold she'd give you a cup of warm water with honey with ginger and instead of anti anxiety medication you'd get an acupuncture treatment. While this practice isn't the norm in the United States it still is quite common in the east. 

Finally I entered in their most famous room, the tropics. Which is basically an indoor rainforest complete with steaming temperatures and a light mist throughout it all. I loved that this room was two stories so we were able to walk around and explore each canopy or level of  traditional rainforest. It also became the perfect spot to snap a picture of myself finally. By this point, I was in a room which was almost 90 degrees and regretting my outfit of choice. But it is my go to look so there wasn't too much regret especially considering the temperature outside.

Have you ever been to the botanical gardens in your city? If so how, was your trip? Comment and share.


PS. I'm considering trying out a new format for my blogs, pictures first then the text. I'd love feedback whether you prefer this method or my usual method where I chat about a certain thing and include the corresponding pictures to go along with it. 

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