Holiday Market

Anyone who isn't a native to DC knows that the set up our home is a tad odd. The center of a city should be where everyone comes together. Ideally this is a market. However, Washington isn't a city, it's a district and therefore the center of our life is all government buildings. The original layout was never meant to accommodate hundreds and thousands of people living here at all. It was meant to be a commuter hub, where workers would travel in by day and leave by night. You can see a bit of this on weekdays, when certain neighborhoods die and become ghost towns after 6.

When I took a trip downtown for lunch one afternoon and saw the Holiday Market setting up, I was immediately excited! Markets and bazaars are the life of a true city, and we were finally getting one in a centralized location. Still pending for the daily year round farmers market on the National Mall of course. 

The Downtown Holiday Market comes around every year on F street right in front of the National Portrait Gallery. It's currently hosting vendors who own small businesses in the DC area. Full of handmade jewelry, unique clothing, gorgeous art and, yummy treats! Not to mention live shows every night! The perfect evening stroll. We went one evening after work and, it was so much fun!


This Market made the foodie in me rather happy. On one end of the market we tasted giant s'mores from The Capital Candy Jar multiple times. I loved the vanilla marshmallow and peanut butter cup ones the best. Indulged my sweet tooth once more with powdered mini donuts from Migue's Magnificent Mini Donuts, they were hot, fresh, and perfect. 


On the other end we scooped up some vigilante coffee, one of my favorite coffee shops in DC! It's so so good! If you're ever in the area, you must try it! We got some lattes and thanked them for warming us up as we continued on the stroll. And finally on the end of the market were some cream filled churros which I had tried after a lunch one day and, despite purchasing the empanada's we never got to have any, since we foolishly forgot them at a stand. Still quite upset with ourselves there. Has that ever happened to you? 

IMG_0052 (1).JPG

My favorite part of the whole market was looking at all the art, most of which is DC themed perfect for that one missing piece for my gallery wall to make it feel like home. Can't be a native without at least one nod to the city right? I was obsessed with the photography prints by Drew Smith, and scooped up one of our lovely cityscape. I also really loved the neighborhood maps from Cherry Blossom Creative. I scooped up one for a friend who just moved into her new apartment. And for my Star Wars loving Trump hating research coworkers? These amazing Lego Star Wars themed political prints! I mean seriously how cute is this? Perfect for all the democrats on your list! And my brother requested one too after seeing them! 

The market is here until Christmas Eve Ever! So don't miss out, and head over there for a quick stroll before a Caps/ Wizards game or after work one day! 




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