Georgetown Glow

One of the best parts about the Holidays is how the city transforms overnight and turns into this magical winter wonderland. While I'm still hoping for snow, I'm enjoying what we have now. My daily walks in Georgetown recently became merry and bright with wreaths on all the lights and decorative store fronts. Makes walking into an ER a little better. And my favorite Georgetown Holiday event is back, and this time for an entire month! Georgetown Glow!


Georgetown Glow is an outdoor light art exhibition featuring amazing artists who create amazing interactive sculptures using lights. The artists are not only local but regional and international. I love how they combine their pieces effortlessly into the Georgetown neighborhood some sculptures feeling like they've always belonged to my cozy little bubble. 

Last year, I kept putting off the tour and only saw bits of it during my commute. This year planning ahead we went on the first night! After a movie night (we saw Fantastic Beasts SO good!), we decided to do a walk through of all the amazing sculptures. It was so cold but completely worth it. 

Walking over the the theater I did get to catch a glimpse of the early set up of the sculptures, just before the sunset, you could see artists all over the neighborhood scurrying to finish their work. This seesaw was too much fun! Later that evening we saw so many little kids (and adults) playing on them. It was a tad too cold for us though.

We started the tour on the waterfront making our way around K street and through Grace street up to Wisconsin. Giving us the perfect look at all the amazing art. Shivering bodies and cold hands was completely worth it. It was great going so early in the season but, not too many people were aware of the exhibition quite yet. So we saw most sculptures without too big of crowds. 


Does the sculpture on the left look familiar? If you saw the ice sculptures at the National Building Museum over the summer, they actually recycled the pieces for it over there. And these faces were lining the canal as we walked across back to M street. A little eerie don't you think? And this tree house built next to the Church on Wisconsin? How cool! Not climbable but still so cool. 

The exhibit is here until the first of January, so don't miss it! It's the perfect outing post a Georgetown shopping trip or dinner!


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