Winter Beauty Looks

These past few weeks I've attended holiday parties up the wazoo. And during this time, I've learned that the hour it takes me to get ready a guy can do the exact same in under 15 min. Mostly because they have less hair to deal with. But the fun part of getting ready for holiday parties, is the make up!


Daily Products: Primer // Foundation // Concealer // Mascara // Brow Wiz // Lip Butter

My daily make up is rather neutral, some foundation and concealer to hide the usual blemishes, eyebrows, mascara and a pinkish nude lip, I love the sheer rose tint from Fresh. So easy I do it on the metro and during my Uber rides. So when the holidays come around, I get especially excited because I can bring out all my fun palettes and attempt winged eyeliner (still failing if you're wondering). I'm also a tad neurotic and type A so I must match head to toe, lingerie included. So when the idea of creating a beauty board based off of some favorite lingerie pieces from Adore Me came up I jumped at the chance. Because in all honesty I already do this, so why not share it with all of you guys? I love that Adore Me sells all their pieces in sets so I never have to worry if I have something in a matching color, they already did that for me! A total win! And Adore Me's winter collection is too cute! 

I pulled inspiration from Adore Me's winter collection which is full of gorgeous lingerie items in dark rich winter hues and bright warm holiday colors. Perfect for the entire season. Like most people, I have two beauty looks I jump back and forth from. A safer more classic look and a risky/ trendy fun look. Both equally flattering but, worn on different occasions.

My classic winter beauty looks was inspired by Adore Me's chic black lace lingerie set. I'm a firm believer in you can never have too much black in your closet. For this beauty look, I like to have a blend of neutral browns for my eyes with a dash of glitter the Naked Basics and Anastasia Modern Renaissance palates are PERFECT for this. (Both of these make excellent gifts by the way if you're still looking!) My naturally golden olive skin has yellow undertones so winter always makes me look slightly green making a warm blush and bronzer combination necessary and again Naked comes through with these. Add a few swipes of volumizing mascara and fill in the brows to frame my face currently Benefits mascaras are my favorite and I'm still obsessed with Anastasia's brow wiz. And finally finish off with a creamy neutral lip, my favorite is the honey shade from fresh lip butters. I've already repurchased it twice!

As for my bold trendy look, I pulled inspiration from this sexy red lace lingerie set. I've learned over the years two colors you can never go wrong with are black and red. I keep my eye makeup similar hear, but I like to add a bit more sparkle and shimmer to draw more attention to them. The Anastasia palate has these great shimmers and burgundy colors when paired together look stunning. I also like to line my eyes when I'm going for a bold eye make up, I feel like it draws all that much more attention to my eyes. Then continue on with the similar blush, bronzer, mascara and, brows combination. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right? And finish off with a stunning satin lip in sour cherry from Beauty Bite! And you must not forget a few sprays of Urban Decay's setting spray, so your look will look amazing all night! 

What are some of your favorite winter beauty looks? Comment and share!